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Topic: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

The next round of the Teeworlds Map Design Competition.

This Thread is only for submission of entries and discussion on those entries.



Ground Rules
- All maps must be under 450 kB.
- No profanity or inappropriate images in maps.
- Submissions have to be written in English.
- Maps must be submitted by the deadline; no late maps will be accepted for judging.

- Categories
— Race . Only Teerace
— DM/TDM. Maps have to be compatible with both gametypes.
— CTF.
— For CTF , DM /TDM We only test their vanilla compatibility -> we dont care about mods.

- Deadlines and submission
— You can start a map whenever you want, but it must be finished by the deadline.
— The deadline is 30th Dezember 2010 ; 18:00 GMT+1
— Please post your map on this thread to enter.
— You may only submit one map to each category.
— Judges may not submit maps to the categories they are judging.
— Submissions have to include name , gametype, playernumber, datasize, external graphics if used, screenshots with /without gamelayer.

- Special Teerace Submission rules
— sent your submission via pn to me
— teerace maps will be judged by the teeathlon team
— keep your map a secret since the map might be used for teeathlon

- Custom Graphics
— You are allowed to use custom graphics as long as you dont exceed the 450 kb limit.
— You are not allowed to use custom graphics which were released during a submission for this contest.
— You are allowed to use all other custom graphics if you dont violate the rules.
— You need the permission to use the custom graphics.
— You have to give credits to the creators of the custom graphics.

- Scoring
— Maps will be judged by three criteria: playability,difficulty and graphics .
— Judges will score each of these elements on a scale of one to ten.
— The map with the highest average in each category will win.
— There will be a community vote after the deadline since the forum supports polls now for a community winner in each category.
— If there is a tie, the community decides

- What will score points
— Good gameplay is the key criterium; you will need to create a fun map to get points.
— Keep in mind that graphics will earn brownie points.
— Simple tasks like "High detail turn off" option can give your map an advantage to maps without them.

- The honor to be the god of mappers within the contestants
- the winner maps are hosted by SushiTee
- for Teerace maps the first places are maybe part of the TeeAthlon 2# mapping team.

Frequently Asked Questions

-   "Submissions have to be written in English" Why only English ?
You are in an English only Forum all people should understand what you are talking about.

- Can I edit a map once I posted it?
You can revise the maps you submitted before the deadline.

- Where to upload the map?
You can use hosting sites like solidfilesto upload your map on the forum. Make sure to list the gametype and the version, and provide screenshots.


ctf_grasshopper by alias
CTF_Sliper by superunit
ctf_glaciers by Nilaya

dm_desertsunrise by alias


good luck and have to all contestants

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Please discuss the maps over here

Only submissions in this thread please.

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Wuhu, first entry (still going to edit)!
Name: ctf_grasshopper
Gametype: CTF, TDM, DM
Number of Players: Maybe a 4on4, 3on3 would work good with this map
Size: 62.39 KiB
Weapon/Pickup Details:
     Laser - 1
     Grenades - 4
     Shotguns - 4
     Hearts/Health - 16
     Shields/Armor - 16
Fastcap Time (For mid-level like me): ~About 4 - 7 seconds
Version: 0.5.2
Screens: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Tilesets: jungle_main; jungle_doodads; water_quad; snow; grass_main
      Version 1.1 - More pickups, now 18 armor. Added a defense post for more strategic gameplay.
      Version 1.2 - Made defense easier, center changed, top path closed.
      Version 1.3 - Edited center slightly. Added a completely different tileset, now 62.39 KiB.
Download: Click me!


Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

No entries? o.o
Name: dm_desertsunrise
Gametype: DM, TDM
Number of Players: About 3 - 4 people can play on this map without trouble
Size: 5.99 KiB
Weapon/Pickup Details:
     Laser - 1
     Grenades - 3
     Shotguns - 3
     Hearts/Health - 10
     Shields/Armor - 11
Version: 0.5.2
Screens: 1 | 2
Download: Click Me Hard!

Hope more entries come in soon.


Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)


Here is an map I made:


Gametype: CTF
Players: 4-8
Size: 2.32 KiB

0 Lasers
4 Grenades
2 Shotguns
14 Shields\Armor
14 Health\Hearts

Version 0.5.2
ScreenShots: 1 2
Download: http://www.box.net/shared/z7fybp9ksd

I hope you like them!


Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

superunit wrote:

ScreenShots: 1 2
Download: http://www.box.net/shared/z7fybp9ksd

I hope you like them!

Can you give us some overall screenshot? Thank you.

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: ctf_glaciers
Gametype: CTF
Number of Players: 3 v 3 at the most

Weapon/Pickup Details:
Laser - 1
Grenades - 4
Shotguns - 4
Hearts - 18
Shields - 14

Size: 81 Kb
Fastcap Time: Best is around 4.5 seconds
Version: 0.5.2

Graphics: ice_main by SoignaR, water by ???

Without Game Layer

With Game Layer

In Game

This is the complete submission. I will not be updating this again.



Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: H_race7
Gametype: Race
Player Number: At least 2 but up to 16
Data Size: 211 Kb
External Graphics: My own |H|Race tileset
Screen shots with gamelayer: Click me
And without gamelayer: Click me
Download: 0.1
Additional info: There needs to be player collision, player hooking, and player hammering due to a drag part and a hammer fly part

Lastly, credits goes to Alias (for mapping, editing, and suggesting parts in my map) and to the [+] clan for their suggestions and hosting my map. big_smile

Give others the respect you wish to be respected with. In the mean time, enjoy the website!

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)


Gametype: CTF
Player Numer: 3on3
Map Size: ~64kB
Pickups: (per side)
   - Heart: 8
   - Shield: 10
   - Shotgun: 2
   - Grenade Launcher: 2
   - Rifle: 1
Version: 0.4
Download: ctf_dryland.map
    Without GL: Click Me
    With GL: Click Me
    Ingame #1: Click Me
    Ingame #2: Click Me
   - 0.2: new tileset, new middle part, smal corrections concerning gameplay
   - 0.3: replaced desert_mountains with new background tilesets
   - 0.4: Fix the background layers (thanks to Zatline)
Notes: - Thanks to Ubuntu, who (pre)rated all maps to give all partcipants some tips.
            - If you fall in the trap you'll die, you just cannot see it at the screenshot.

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

name ctf_atacama
gametype ctf
player number 3on3
size 9kb
version 0.4
0.2 - removed dark layer; background changes
0.3 - several gameplay changes
0.4 - added some stars

overview + gamelayer

download version 0.4

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Hello everyone smile

Name: dm_santa
Gametype: dm/tdm
Players: 2 ~ 1 on 1
Size: ~80 kib
Items: -10 hearts
            - 9 shields\armor
Version: 0.5.x
Tiles: winter/grass_main, winter_doodads, grass_doodads (I put a little bit snow on the fence and grass)
Specials -animated snow/moon/stars/santa

Screenshot with GL

Download: here

Edit//Screenshot-link was down
Edit//Para y of santa set to 100, download link changed

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Hey Guys!
This is my first map, I show here in the forum:

  • Map: dm_plus

  • Type: DM/TDM

  • Players: 2 (1on1)

  • Tilesets: jungle_main, jungle_doodads, jungle_night, grass_main, moon (only standard tilesets)

  • Size: 3 KiB

  • Version: 0.2

Screenshot with Gamelayer:http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/562/editorq.png

And without Gamelayer:http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/8528/editorwithout.png

Download: Click me!


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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

I asked for it, so I worked for it.
My (first) submission: ctf_oasis


Map-Name: ctf_oasis
Type: CTF, tdm, ictf
Players: at least 3on3
Size: 130 kB
Screens: [GL] [1] [2] [3]
Download: here
Last Update 11.12.2010

Tell me how you find it over there.

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Hi :D

Here is my map:

Name: ctf_darkness
Gametype: CTF ( oh rly?? O.O )
Player: at least 3 but 4 would be optional
Filesize: 128 K
Embedded Tilesets: recoloured jungle_main and grass_main
Pickups: 2 Grenades, 2 Shotguns and 1 Rifle for each side. 1 Katana is placed in the middle of the map.
Sreenies: With GL
                 Without GL

Download: Click

Comment: I think the mixture between the recoloured main tiles and the green jungle_doodads is sth
                  new and fresh what makes it even more fun to play (to look at) the map and it fits to the title i gave it.
                  The !you may think! randomly placed unhookables make shure that its not too easy to get from one flag
                  to the other (actually it is, but sometimes its like "gr, weren't the unhookables there!") and they
                  make the map more good looking.

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Yay, this page is starting to fill up quickly (:
Name: run_gt3
Gametype: RACE
Number of Players: 16? or...?
Size: 70.0 KiB
Average Time: 16 Seconds
Version: 0.5.2
Screens: 1 | 2
Download: Click Me Hard!
Specials: Animated bubbles, water, a crapload of doodads.
I see this competition is becoming harder as more entries come in.


Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: dmx_DeathMatch
Gametype: DM
Players: 8 recomended
Size: 50x50 / 6Kb
Weapon/Pickup Details:
     Katanas - 0
     Lasers - 1
     Grenades - 2
     Shotguns - 5
     Health - 12
     Shields- 16
Version: Trunk (requires high detail and quality textures)
Tilesets: grass_main, grass_doodads


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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)


Name: ctf_caveman
Gametype: CTF
Author: Variecs
Suggested players: 7v7
Map size: 220x100
File size: 78 KB
Tileset: space_main by idk who, if it's yours - tell me
Shotguns - 8
Grenade Launchers - 10
Rifles - 4
Katanas - 0
Health - 52
Armor - 52
With GL
Without GL
Ingame 1
Ingame 2
Ingame 3
sry for some strange things happened to screenshots, you can look the right version by testing the map wink
Comment: Huge map for an epic confrontations is made for the reason of the lack of such a maps. So i thought i'd be nice to present ppl the balanced, big map. The main focus is made on the bases, which have a lot of place to move and a lot of pickups. Still, the narrow middle would be also a place to fight for.
I hope you enjoy playing my map, and ofc i hope for win, but let the best do this smile
Download: Here we go!

Stay wild big_smile

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name : ctf_burningsands
Gametype : CTF
Format : 2n2
Pickup Details :
     Rifle : 1
     Grenade Launchers : 2
     Shotguns : 4
     Hearts : 16
     Shields : 12
Fastcap : 5.1 seconds
Screenshots : 1

View : Here
Download : Here

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: run_tnb1
Gametype: RACE
Author: Variecs
Map size: 130x70
File size: 69 KB
Tileset: blood_main by Variecs, blood_spikes by idk who, edited by Variecs, moon, desert_mountains, generic_unhookable
With GL
Without GL
This is not teerace, even if it can be played with standart teerace settings. This map is VERY hard, but it's my favotire map out of those i've done, so i post it here for discussion. Perhaps i have a small chance to win, so why not? ^^
Download: Here we go!

Stay wild big_smile

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: ctf_torid
Gametype: CTF
Format : 3on3
Tileset: desert_main, desert_mountains and desert_sun
    Shotguns : 4
    Grenade Launchers : 4
    Rifles : 1
    Health : 16
    Armor : 18
Credits :
       CTF community which gave me some feedback for balancing gameplay
       Sonix for his help

Screenshots :



Download : Push me !

Some graphisms will be reworked in the following days.

-.iB Jordane

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: ctf_teestone
File size : 41 kb
Gametype: CTF
Format : 2on2 or 3on3
Tileset: grass_main, mountains, sun, generic_unhookable, teeking (my own graphic), bg_cloud1, bg_cloud2 and bg_cloud3
    Shotguns : 4
    Grenade Launchers : 3
    Health : 16
    Armor : 12
Credits :
       I worked with KillA for clouds and sun, cause I'm a newbie for movements. Teeworld's community give me ideas for develop the map. Thank you all.

Screenshots :

http://i67.servimg.com/u/f67/13/77/48/18/th/screen10.jpg       http://i67.servimg.com/u/f67/13/77/48/18/th/screen13.jpg

http://i67.servimg.com/u/f67/13/77/48/18/th/screen11.jpg       http://i67.servimg.com/u/f67/13/77/48/18/th/screen14.jpg


Download : here


Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Next map!
Name: skyrun
Gametype: teerace
Number of Players: 16
Size: 38 KiB (700x70 tiles)
Time to finish: 25-30 Seconds
Version: 0.5.x
Screens: Here
Tiles:generic_unhookable, jungle_doodads,piks, clouds and sun
             (sun is animated)
Download: Fuck it!

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: ctf_blah
Gametype: CTF
Players: 4on4, 5on5
Size: 74 Kb
Screens: With GL Without GL Ingame
Download: http://zalil.ru/30253461

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)


Name: dm_space
Gametyp: DM/TDM
Players: 1-8
Map size: 170x90
File size: 335kb

  • Shotguns: 3

  • Grenade Launchers: 3

  • Rifles: 1

  • Katanas: 1

  • Health: 9

  • Armor: 12

Tilesets:desert_main; stars; space_main; moon_glow; gUfoTasseZwei; gUfoTasse; gSpaceShuttle; gRakete; gBlubber; gBerge; gAmericaFlag; gAlienMoonCar; g4765; cloud; bubble
Ingame #1
Ingame #2
Without GL
With GL

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Re: [COMPETITION] Teeworlds MDC 2010 (Map Design Competition)

Name: dm_junglebird
Gametyp: DM/TDM
Players: 4-16
Map size: 140x100
File size: 218kb

  • Shotguns: 5

  • Grenade Launchers: 6

  • Rifles: 1

  • Katanas: 1

  • Health: 25

  • Armor: 23

Tilesets:grass_main; jungle_doodads; jungle_main; jungle_night; jungle_night2; moon_glow; waterdrop; vogel2; teewater2; teewater; pap_fluegel_h; pap_fluegel; pap_body; bubble; Vogel; Jungle_bg_add
DownloadPush me
Without GL
With GL
Ingame 1#
Ingame 2#
Ingame 3#
Ingame 4#