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A retro multiplayer shooter

Teeworlds is a free online multiplayer game, available for all major operating systems. Battle with up to 16 players in a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps!

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(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2016-11-13
As with the 0.6.3 release, a reported security vulnerability motivated this release: This time, the security vulnerability is worse, attacker controlled memory-writes and possibly arbitrary code execution on the client, abusable by any server the client joins.

The changelog:
Bug fixes

  • Fix the above-mentioned security vulnerability in the client (ff25472).

  • Fix a read of uninitialized memory that is sent over the network, from the server (7dd463d).

  • Fix decoding of overlong UTF-8 sequences to non-invalid code points, leading to possible duplicate names (#1373, 205dbce).

  • Drop connected packets that come from a formerly connected server in the client (#1356, 2057808).

  • Use a different port for connless messages, increasing the difficulty of successful IP spoofing (7c43b76).

  • Make spoofing of server info packets harder (8af77b6).

  • Fix spoofing for vital chunks, and require most chunks to be vital (f457b58).

Other changes

  • Sort by player count by default, instead of server name (1b2a91f).

  • Add a cooldown on unpause (#1365, 56e366a).

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(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2015-11-02
A vulnerability in the current server-masterserver protocol was found that can cause servers to not show up in the server list anymore. Use one of the following methods to protect your server(s):

1) Apply this patch to your source code.
2) Use this script to patch your binaries.
3) Use this iptables rules by m!nus on your server (NOTE: Adjust the port if you're not running on 8303!):
iptables -I INPUT -p udp --dport 8303 -m u32 --u32 '0>>22&0x3C@18=0x66776572' -j DROP

NOTE: If you're using method 2 or 3, you won't be able to detect NAT issues anymore, they'll show up as "WARNING: Master server is not responding, switching master".
(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2015-08-24
Good news everyone!

We did it, Teeworlds is released on Steam!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, for suggestions regarding the presentation of Teeworlds, for drawing the images, making the trailer, or contributing in other ways such as voting without your help Teeworlds could not have been released on Steam in that time span.
(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2015-06-05
Hello again, fellow tees,

it's often been talked about and now it might be happening: We suggested Teeworlds on Steam Greenlight.

This step might widen Teeworlds' possible audience, for one, extracting a zip file is a non-trivial task for many people - and then Teeworlds would be in the list of games on Steam, which will make it a lot easier to discover.

Note that making the game available on Steam does not change the fact that Teeworlds is open source and will continue being free and open source!

So, what do you think?
(posted by: heinrich5991) | 2014-11-20
As a result of a recently reported security vulnerability in the server, this release contains little updates. In particular it's only the following changes:


  • Fix the above-mentioned security vulnerability (Memory reads, Segmentation Fault) in all 0.6.x servers.

  • Fix server crash in the console code.

  • Fix master server lookup for servers.

  • Fix scripts/make_release.py script.

  • Fix client crash when opening a map with an invalid version.

As a result, server owners are urged to upgrade ASAP, you're running an exploitable server right now.

Client updates however, are not as urgent as the server updates, because the only fix is an editor crash.

Download Teeworlds 0.6.3!