Topic: Minor update to 0.7.3

We released a patched up version of the 0.7.3 client. This is because demo recording does not work on the new servers for newly downloaded maps (because of the longer map names). You can download it here (simply replace your client).

Servers need no change.

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Re: Minor update to 0.7.3

please understand that 0.7 teeworlds is dead idea now, the game is dying day by day and with 0.7 it will be faster, and please re-release 0.6.5 as main client and add abilities on 0.6.5 and or make it for example 0.8 or even 1.0, i was on 0.7 and it has only 4 players online on 2 servers while old teeworlds has much more player, please never mind new skin system and add 64 players to 0.6.5, please, sometimes new updates and good features need to be deleted , it's like Windows 8 and if it has a time to jump to a better and different skin system that is not now. also we have lost old codes.
we can have 2 kind of teeworlds like Normal or Classic edition (0.6.X) and X or Modern Edition (0.7.X). thank you tw developers.