Forum Rules

These are the rules and the moderation guidelines for the forum. Note that moderators may always take any action they deem necessary, considering the circumstances. Breaking a rule is always a bannable offense.

Before posting

1. Use the search function

  • Chances are your issue has already been addressed.

2. Never post the same topic in two or more forums

  • The thread in the least relevant forum will be deleted.

When posting

Breaking these rules will most likely result in a warning.

1. Write in English -- No exceptions!

  • Non-english posts will be deleted.

2. Post in the correct forum

  • Threads will be moved to an appropriate forum.

3. Write clear and concise topics

  • Moderators may edit topics to clarify questions or delete them entirely.

4. Don't post or link to offensive/pornographic/illegal material

  • Threads and posts will be immediately closed. Breaking this rule will very likely result in a ban.

5. Respect the other forum members, moderators and developers

  • Moderators may delete offensive posts and ban users at their leisure.

6. Stay on topic

  • Spam, "me too"-posts and similar content of low information value may be deleted. This includes memes.

Forum Moderation

1. Use the report function

  • Do NOT add to the fire by commenting on the offending post. You're just adding to the problem, and you'll risk a warning or a ban.

2. Do not discuss moderation publicly

  • Any issues with moderation should be resolved by PM:ing the moderator, or contacting him / her on IRC. Posts concerning moderation will be removed.

3. Moderators have final say in all matters

  • Remember the golden rule: Moderators are always right, even when they're wrong.