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Release notes

0.7.2 release announcement

Warning: Disabling xmas hats led to a mean-looking bear skin. This was fixed on 2018-12-25 12:00.
Please redownload if you dislike bears.

Release notes
* Fix some issues related to IP spoofing.
* Allow building with CMake instead of bam, also support both bam 0.4.0 and bam 0.5.0.

0.6.5 release announcement

Release notes
* Fixed server flood crash (Magnus Auvinen)
* A bunch of smaller fixes (Tom Adams)
* Fixed a couple of compiler warnings (Magnus Auvinen)

Release notes
* Auto team balance
* Anti-spam fixes
* Fixed editor crash on windows when saving
* Added clear collision to the editor
* Fixed issue with cursor being hidden on some maps
* New version notifier
* Silent mode for windows
* F10 for screenshots now works in the editor