Topic: [QUESTION] Faster respawn after selfkill

Hi all,

I wanted to ask if there is a way to respawn faster after I did a selfkill, because now the respawn is really too long for me to use it.
I hope someone knows a solution tyvm


Re: [QUESTION] Faster respawn after selfkill

No, being alive should be something really important, even in teeworlds. The respawn-delay was included, to avoid abusing it.
However, you can kill yourself with the grenade launcher, so you will respawn with the same delay as normal.


Re: [QUESTION] Faster respawn after selfkill

why was the selfkill included then because with such a long delay it has almost no use in ctf 1 on 1


Re: [QUESTION] Faster respawn after selfkill

well basicly i guess its for if you are stuck/ or get blocked by other players. It isn't meant to use it for tactics, maybe to jump back to base but not mutch more.

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Re: [QUESTION] Faster respawn after selfkill

kk ty, although I think it sux xDD