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Topic: [MOD][0.7] Domination


Yeah fighting for 2 flags is nice and pretty fun, but have you ever battled for 5 domination spots? Our mod "Domination" sets new standards for team matches in Teeworlds, introducing new team strategies, advancing the map control, adding bloody battles and finally providing great survival experience.

Domination is a team-based mod wich introduces a new game element called Domination Spots.
Each map can have up to 5 of them. Domination spots are initially neutral, but can be captured by any team. Their effect on scoring varies based on the chosen gametype. You can find all relevant information about the different gametypes in their wiki pages or in the post below:

The current version 1.1 is based on Teeworlds

Getting started

To just play some matches, you don't need to download anything. This mod does not require any client modification.  There are official server available running the different gametypes. Just join and have fun!

  • “[Fisico] Official Domination Server”

  • “[Fisico] Official Conquest Server”

  • “[Fisico] Official CS:DOM Server”

Of course you can also host your own server and even create your own maps. Check out the wiki for more information!

IMPORTANT: This mod works best with enabled broadcast colors. To enable them, open the settings in Teeworlds and enable the checkbox Enable colored server broadcasts.

More information

For more information like server hosting, mapping and many more specific things see the wiki page on Github.

  • Currently this mod is being developed by Slayer and Fisico.

  • Originally written by ziltoide and Oy.

  • Special thanks go to aQua for the domination spot mapres.

Big thanks
  • to Slayer, he developed and implemented most of my crazy ideas.

  • to Sonix, for improving the map conq1.

  • to LordSk, he was always available for test sessions and gave lots of great feedback

  • to Zatline, who gave me important feedback for the pad graphics.

  • to Dune, who helped me with various things.

  • to everyone, who joined our testserver and played some rounds with us

Suggestions, bugs, etc.

If you think you have found a bug, or if you have a suggestion for the mod, you can create a ticket on GitHub. Make sure to be as descriptive as possible, because the more information you can provide, the easier it is to do something about your bug report or feature request.


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Re: [MOD][0.7] Domination


Gametype: Domination

Quick facts:

  • Displayed as: Server running this gametype will display DOM as gametype.

  • Spot effect: Each captured domination spot increases the teamscore over time.

  • Spawning: Players spawn near their own flags, otherwise on a random spawn point on the map.

  • Win condition: The game will end when a team will reach the score limit or the time is over.

  • Capturing: The capturing runs faster for every additional player of the team in the area. And ninjas are worth twice.

Gametype: Kill Domination

Quick facts:

  • Displayed as: Server running this gametype will display KDOM as gametype.

  • Spot effect: Domination spots won’t generate score points over time. Instead, each domination spot adds a team score every time the owning team strikes a kill:

    • Team has 0 domination spots: + 0 score

    • Team has 1 domination spots: + 1 score

    • Team has 2 domination spots: + 2 score

    • Team has 3 domination spots: + 3 score

    • Team has 4 domination spots: + 4 score

    • Team has 5 domination spots: + 5 score


Gametype: Conquest

Quick facts:

  • Displayed as: Server running this gametype will display CONQ as gametype.

  • Start: Each team starts with one domination spot (red: A, blue: E).

  • Locks: Each team can only capture its next spot (red: A -> B -> D; blue: E -> D -> C ...).

  • Spawning: You will always spawn behind your teams last domination spot. By default, the respawn delay is set to 8 seconds.

  • Win condition: The first team owning all spots wins. If the time runs out, the team with more active domination spots wins.



Gametype: CS:DOM

This gametype got inspired by another very popular shooter and works similary at its core. But it is not meant to be an exact copy. There are no new weapons, no hand grenades, no buy menu ... .

Instead, it reuses existing Teeworlds Vanilla plus Domination functionality to give you a very own experience. This being said, think of CS:DOM as a better survival gametype, that is finally really fun!

Quick facts:

  • Displayed as: Server running this gametype will display CS:DOM as gametype.

  • Weapons: You have to pick a weapon within 10 seconds. After that time, all weapon pickups get removed. The amount of maximum ammo varies (Shotgun: 10; Grenade: 7; Laser: 5). Beside that, the weapons are still the same.

  • Ammo: You can pick up ammo to refill your weapon. Ammo can be used to refill any primary weapon (Shotgun, Grenade, Laser).
    This is how ammo looks ingame (yes, it is the graphics for laser ammo):

  • Spawning: You spawn in your base with 10 hearts and 5 armor.

  • Survival: There is no respawn, neither for player nor for pickups.

  • Halftime: After half of the match the teams get swapped.

  • Death: You will drop your remaining ammo (max 4).

  • Objectives:

    • Red has to take the flag(bomb) to a domination spot and capture it.

    • Blue has to prevent that, or neutralize the spot.

  • Timelimits:

    • 2 minutes for red to capture the spot.

    • 40 seconds for blue to neutralize the spot again.

  • Win conditions:

    • Blue kills all red before they capture the spot -> blue wins.

    • Red fails to capture the spot within the 2 minutes -> red wins.

    • Blue neutralizes the spot within the 40 seconds -> blue wins.

    • Blue fails to neutralize the spot -> it explodes and red wins.

Screenshot of a spot exploding


Re: [MOD][0.7] Domination


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Re: [MOD][0.7] Domination

Very nice guys.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Praise be unto God for giving us a way to live with him.

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Re: [MOD][0.7] Domination

Version: 1.1

To download the server binaries please go to the first post.

Updated to Teeworlds

  • Improved warmup to make spots etc. work

  • Fix: After resuming paused games, players are counted as ninjas

  • Fix: On recapturing, after neutralizing the broadcast shows as marker "x"

  • Respawn delay reduced from 10 s to 8 s

  • Improved warmup: removed the flags, but all other pickups are available (like in Vanilla Teeworlds)

  • Spawn armor reduced from 10 to 5 (sv_csdom_spawn_armor)

  • Player can not gain more armor than they spawned with (sv_csdom_spawn_armor)

  • Fix: Red team should win by eliminating the blue team too

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Re: [MOD][0.7] Domination

Hi Fisico and Slayer smile

Always dreamed of a compilation of vanilla-like gamemodes.
This mod seems to be very polished with a lot of work put into it. I think it's a lot of fun, though I hadn't have the chance to play it, yet.

I cant speak for everyone but I'd like to thank you for your commitment to teeworlds, still after all these years.
I really hope this is paying off for you and that more interest around teeworlds is generated with things like this.
Maybe it is worth advertising teeworlds and this mod by sneakily posting it on a counterstrike platform or subreddit big_smile Just an idea.

Fisico wrote:
  • Fix: Red team should win by eliminating the blue team too

I just couldn't grasp the reason for this, good to know it was not by decision and is fixed now


Re: [MOD][0.7] Domination

Haven't played much teeworlds lately, maybe that's why I hadn't seen this.

Wow! Your project is so organized, that's awesome big_smile
You even have proper domination versions for the official maps! https://github.com/teeworlds-domination … :-Conquest

I've always wanted to make a domination map, maybe this time around I'll get to it smile

check out these maps: infiltrate - choco - dustycloud