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Topic: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Slayer's Maps

What is Flyctf?
Flyctf is a combination of Fly-Maps and CTF-Maps. Fly-Maps rely mostly on spikes, on some maps there is only at the spawn solid ground. With my maps I am trying to reuse the danger and movement requirements for CTF. Doing so, Flyctf maps yield great and unique ctf experience by making use of spikes in cominbation with death tiles.

Happy flying!

Flyctf Sunday
Flyctf Sunday is a little and easy flyctf-map, made for 3on3 battles.


Size: 164 x 75 tees [~35 KiB]
Gametype: CTF
Players: 2on2, 3on3
Difficulty: Really Easy

Flyctf Winter
Flyctf Winter is a much more typical flymap. It's more high than width with a quick and smooth movement.

Note: Screenshot shows still the version 2.0.

Size: 190 x 208   [~75 KiB]
Gametype: CTF
Players: 3on3, 4on4
Difficulty: Normal
Version: 2.1
Download: Download Flyctf Winter

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Legacy maps

Here you can find my maps for previous versions of Teeworlds.
Be aware: They are not compatible with Teeworlds 0.7+!

Flyctf Mountain
Flyctf_Mountain is a Flymap prepared for Flywars. There are some tactical points a team should try to capture to get an advantage.
Size: 132 x 116   [~70KiB]
Players: 4 - 8
Gametype: CTF
Captime: ~ 15 seconds
Difficulty: Easy
Version: 2.0
Download Flyctf Mountain

Flyctf Space
Flyctf Space is an easy Flymap for CTF matches, inspired by ctf_space. Both teams have (symmterical) bases with a fly-way to the mid. In the mid are no spikes, but it's bottom is open. You better watch your step!
Size: 243 x 92   [~40KiB]
Players: 4 - 6
Gametype: CTF
Captime: ~ 20 seconds
Difficulty: Easy
Version: 1.0
Download Flyctf Space


Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

i really like them! come on GreenNoob servers and play them big_smile

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Wow! amazing maps! I will download them wink

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Updated Flyctf_Sunday and Flyctf_Winter to teeworlds version 0.6.2.
Just in case that anyone cares wink


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Lel gg! Where are your other maps?

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Ask the internet, someone told me it wouldn't forget anything.
No seriously, I don't support them anymore and don't care...

Edit: Found an old map I'd made years ago: Flyctf_Space.
Reworked the mid, but still hate it. Gameplay sucks. Better don't play it.
Just didn't want to withhold it.

Reworked Flycw_Mountain:
- renamed Flycw_Mountain -> Flyctf_Mountain
- eased the gameplay -> ~ 15 seconds captime
- changed the design


Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

These maps are pretty awesome. The type of flymaps I like are the same type as these. smile



Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

It sounds very cool! But it's more like "challenge" ctf maps isn't it?

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Updated Flyctf Sunday to Teeworlds Version 0.7.1. Please find all relevant information in the first post.


  • Reworked the flag spots: Removed the solid ground that could be abused for camping.

  • Opened the middle part.

  • Reworked many pickup placements.

  • Nice side effect: The map uses only official tilesets now, reducing its disk size to about 35 KiB.

  • Some minor graphical changes.