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Topic: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Flyctf_Sunday is a little and easy flyctf-map, made for 2on2 or 3on3 battles.
Size: 164 x 75   [~40 KiB]
Tilesets: grass_main, grass_doodads, jungle_main, jungle_doodads, sun, mountains, death_tiles
Players: < 8
Gametype: CTF
Captime: ~ 7 seconds
Difficulty: Really Easy
Special: You can walk through the map with only 1 hook (this is really special for a flymap smile ), thus it is perfect! for newcomer.
Notice: It is possible that i got inspired by "dm2" while making the background....^^
Version: 3.0
Download me!

Flyctf_Winter is a much more typical flymap. It's more high than width with a quick and smooth movement.
Size: 190 x 208   [~70KiB]
Tilesets: grass_main_blackandwhite, winter_doodads, moon, stars, snow, death_tiles
Players: 6+
Gametype: CTF
Captime: ~ 40 seconds
Difficulty: Normal
Version: 2.0
Download me!

Flyctf_Mountain is a Flymap prepared for Flywars. There are some tactical points a team should try to capture to get an advantage.
Size: 132 x 116   [~70KiB]
Tilesets: grass_main, grass_doodads, generic_unhookables, sun, bg_cloud1, bg_cloud2, death_tiles_min, spark
Players: 4 - 8
Gametype: CTF
Captime: ~ 15 seconds
Difficulty: Easy
Special: My favourite Fly-Map wink
Version: 2.0
Download me!

Flyctf_Space is an easy Flymap for CTF matches, inspired by ctf_space. Both teams have (symmterical) bases with a fly-way to the mid. In the mid are no death_tiles, but it's bottom is open. You better watch your step!
Size: 243 x 92   [~40KiB]
Tilesets: grass_main, grass_doodads, jungle_doodads, desert_doodads, generic_unhookable, moon, stars, death_tiles_green
Players: 4 - 6
Gametype: CTF
Captime: ~ 20 seconds
Difficulty: Easy
Special: Open Mid (Have a nice fly)
Notice: I'm not satisfied with the gameplay in the middle.
Version: 1.0
Download me!

Thanks to: Whoever who made ctf2, dm22 and the tilesets: death_tiles, grass_main_blackandwhite, spark!
Hope you will have fun with those maps!
Feedback and critism are tolerated and welcome smile

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Added the map: Flycw_Mountain

EDIT: i worked Flyctf_Sunday over: the passage at the top is 3 blocks higher, so you can move through it more easily and jump. In addition i engraved my name, and removed some graphical bugs. The vertically exit of the base is now 1 block higher, that you dont jolt.


Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

i really like them! come on GreenNoob servers and play them big_smile

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Wow! amazing maps! I will download them wink

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Updated Flyctf_Sunday and Flyctf_Winter to teeworlds version 0.6.2.
Just in case that anyone cares wink


Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Lel gg! Where are your other maps?

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

Ask the internet, someone told me it wouldn't forget anything.
No seriously, I don't support them anymore and don't care...

Edit: Found an old map I'd made years ago: Flyctf_Space.
Reworked the mid, but still hate it. Gameplay sucks. Better don't play it.
Just didn't want to withhold it.

Reworked Flycw_Mountain:
- renamed Flycw_Mountain -> Flyctf_Mountain
- eased the gameplay -> ~ 15 seconds captime
- changed the design


Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

These maps are pretty awesome. The type of flymaps I like are the same type as these. smile

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Re: [MAP] Slayer's maps

It sounds very cool! But it's more like "challenge" ctf maps isn't it?

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