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Topic: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

You lost your embebed images of one map?.. Use this tool to recovery it easy ^^

Repo: https://gitlab.com/Tardo/TWMapImagesRecovery


Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

Thats a handy tool, is it a new post for that older thread? [TOOL] Map Image Stealer

Somehow I dont like its name, stealing images... some might consider it that way, but regarding old maps its the way to go most of the times. And more often its the easiest way to get map ressources.

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Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

It works so bad...
It does not steal images without errors or fails...  http://youtu.be/RJoO69vNVkg

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Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

@traitor: hehehe Look at the name with a sense of humour tongue

@HeroiAmarelo: Oops! sry :\ ...  the app never crash in my tests... :S  pls, send me a file that cause program crash or make that it works bad, thx!!

Ok! i'm tested with these maps and i only have problems when try open folder with whitespaces in the name.... but the program extract fine all images...

Whitespace issue fixed

See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A6_qA5exbc


Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

Would you call it 'Map Image Extractor' please, so people won't feel cool 'stealing' other ppl's images? smile


Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

Ok, changed... :\

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Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

Still a good tool, even with this name smile
Hopfully you improve the overall impression of thousands of maps by providing this.

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Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

@traitor: thx smile

Now can select multiple files and remove empty folders when haven't embebed images in to the map


Three years later.... started a clean project... and added linux binary tongue

And released this new sources!



Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

hm, nice didnt know there was such a tool, only know about a 0.5.x client from bobynator which also could do the job, but that project was more or less dead smile

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Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

just can say great, i need this , tnx smile

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Re: [TOOL] TWMap Images Recovery

Sources updated: https://gitlab.com/Tardo/TWMapImagesRecovery
No binaries given because i don't have any "public/free/simple" way to do it.

Hi again! i only want to make a new ddrace map... :B