Topic: [MAP PACK] especially for iCTF gametype

Here are several more or less different maps, ordered by in-game impression.
Take your time to become acquainted with more maps of teeworlds.
Added some suggestions how many players should fight at most and a rough description.
Every image is a linked preview of a greater version, to download specific maps visit solidfiles.com/teeworlds-maps/.

This has been posted some time ago at different places (forum 1 and forum 2) and mentioned at the topic about my own creations, but with a dedicated thread it might reach a greater audience and could be a place to discuss interesting maps for iCTF gametype. Oh and it is not just a collection, but every map has been handpicked and edited to be small in size and without graphical bugs.
Looking forward to read your suggestions, which maps I should add to the museum wink

ctf_ness wrote:

lineup: 2vs2
description: one of the smallest maps I know, 2 paths to go, narrow passages and a lot of obstacles

ctf_bash_and_cap wrote:

lineup: 2vs2
description: inverted respawn at opposite flag!, 3 paths to go, really small

ctf_narrow wrote:

lineup: 2vs2
description: rather small, similar to ctf1

ctf21 wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: small ctf2? 2 paths to go, rather small, with some obstacles

ctf_sav wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: 3 paths to go, rather large horizontal platforms, narrow passages partly

ctf_sav6 wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: 2-3 paths to go, rather large horizontal platforms, spanning a hole in the middle, slightly larger than ctf_sav

ctf2 wrote:

lineup: 6vs6
description: 2 paths to go, wide map, fast movement and free space to the top

ctf3 wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: desert cavern, 1 path, medium space

nameless wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: 1 path to go, some horizontal obstacles

ctf4 wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: teeworlds 0.6 default

ctf4_classic wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: well, you know, it has become default

ctf4_new wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: wide version of ctf4_classic, similar movement and also 2 paths to go

ctf_krypton wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: smiliar to ctf4_classic, a lot more obstacles, 2 paths to go

SIS-swampy-v2.1 wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: inspired by ctf4_classic, but more free space and obstacles

ctf_grab_jungle wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: 2 paths to go, but one crossing for all in the middle, sheltered flag spot

ctf_jump wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: 3 paths to go, horizontal blocks

ctf_canyon wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: inspired by ctf4_classic with desert graphics, 2 paths to go, many horizontal platforms without vertical obstacles

ctf_mars wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: narrow passages and 2 paths to go, similar width to ctf4_classic

ctf5 wrote:

lineup: 6vs6
description: teeworlds 0.6 default

ctf5_Candy wrote:

lineup: 6vs6
description:modified ctf5 with more paths and lot more platforms

ctf wrote:

lineup: 6vs6
description: teeworlds 0.6 default

ctf_logic wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: wide map, pretty high with 3 paths to go, not really obstacles but horizontal stages

ctf_alpines wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: floating stages, 3 broad paths to go

ctf_medieval wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: grey skyscrapers with 2 broad  paths to go

test11 wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: rather wide and high, 2 broad paths to go

ctf_red_afternoon wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: lots of space, 2 paths to go and unique red shade of colour

nussctf wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: horizontal stages with few obstacles and 3 paths to go (no high details, doodads missing)

ctf_anubis wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: 2 spacious paths to go, with large flag caverns, similar to ctf2

ctf_nephtys wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: 2 spacious paths to go, with large flag caverns

ctf_lava wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: 2 spacious paths to go, with large flag caverns

Maya wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: horizontal layout with few stages above, 3 paths to go

beachfight wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: dissymmetric map with a story, 3 paths to go, narrow passages and lots of free space

pirates wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: prequel of beachfight; dissymmetric map with a story, 1,5 paths to go, a narrow passages and lots of free space

roma wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: dissymmetric map with a story, 2 paths to go, narrow passages at flag spots and some air to fly

oasis wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: dissymmetric map with 2 paths to go and an airship

desertcamp wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: small map with 3 paths to go, empty areas around the flags and some obstacles to hook

snowcamp wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: expanded dessertcamp in width and height, 4 paths to go with lots of space

snowcamp_v2 wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: expanded snowcamp at the flag places and the vertical passage in the middle

ctf_snowthing wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: medium spaced map with 2-3 paths to go, chambers to relax and space to move

ctf_tribe_rework wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: modified snowthing, less height and stretched width

lost wrote:

lineup: 4vs4
description: rather unique, great height, 2 paths to go from island to island through air or underwater

Teepark_classic wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: 3 paths to go, some tunnels to choose of

Skytemple wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: 2 vertical bases, separated by lots of thin air, few platforms to enter the other base, 2 paths to go

4stages wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: 1 way to climb up or down all 4 stages, really special

palace wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: a rare tileset used, unique 2 paths to go, asymmetrical form of medium size

western wrote:

lineup: 3vs3
description: indians against cowboys, one valley to cross, lovely details

Africa wrote:

lineup: 5vs5
description: 2 paths to go, but one crossing for all in the middle; rather big map

To download all maps at once, click here (6 MB).

Below is the content of zip archive:

date                      size  CRC       folder and name
2012-08-22 02:02          2426  b44d8dc0  maps\4stages.map
2012-09-14 13:37        152515  5dcbc75b  maps\Africa.map
2012-08-22 02:32        516226  da818f3f  maps\beachfight.map
2012-08-22 02:44         13507  a28bff63  maps\ctf_alpines.map
2012-08-22 02:50         85970  bb55bd29  maps\ctf_anubis.map
2012-12-05 13:27        313024  2ed92af8  maps\ctf_bash_and_cap.map
2011-05-29 15:28        354831  412c87ad  maps\ctf_canyon.map
2012-12-05 13:37        199318  85066e8d  maps\ctf_grab_jungle.map
2012-12-05 13:30          8725  05359f44  maps\ctf_jump.map
2012-04-07 20:49         53464  13f93d42  maps\ctf_krypton.map
2012-08-14 17:17        436317  b8f26022  maps\ctf_lava.map
2012-08-22 02:55         64645  04d36ac1  maps\ctf_logic.map
2012-08-22 02:57        150358  c0a433c2  maps\ctf_mars.map
2012-04-05 11:30         97831  b684fbd9  maps\ctf_medieval.map
2012-11-19 18:28          8221  f6fa463c  maps\ctf_narrow.map
2012-05-12 16:42        184812  312ac3e3  maps\ctf_nephtys.map
2012-11-28 23:09         79520  a0a5f6f9  maps\ctf_ness.map
2012-02-20 18:54          9621  a3917a78  maps\ctf_red_afternoon.map
2012-11-19 18:40         32529  bc1818f9  maps\ctf_sav.map
2012-12-04 17:55         35980  9d4f7930  maps\ctf_sav6.map
2011-06-19 21:54         64536  4c62b16f  maps\ctf_snowthing.map
2012-08-22 03:06         24129  c2cc6330  maps\ctf_tribe_rework.map
2011-12-10 19:32         25626  27bc5eac  maps\ctf2.map
2012-08-22 02:41        123699  ee99147a  maps\ctf21.map
2011-12-10 19:32          5903  a3739d41  maps\ctf3.map
2011-12-10 19:32         12030  be7c4db9  maps\ctf4.map
2012-08-14 17:40         16598  7c6c2986  maps\ctf4_classic.map
2012-08-22 02:36        204131  38497cf0  maps\ctf4_new.map
2011-12-10 19:32         12108  d92129a0  maps\ctf5.map
2012-08-22 02:38         47143  59087cfe  maps\ctf5_Candy.map
2011-12-10 19:32         26927  28c84351  maps\ctf6.map
2012-11-27 18:52          4053  68f9e943  maps\desertcamp.map
2012-11-26 01:01          6466  ddf35ab1  maps\desertcamp_fancy.map   *
2012-11-12 18:01          5391  e9f3d789  maps\desertcave.map   *
2012-11-12 18:01          5398  f1d6bc95  maps\desertcave_v2.map   *
2012-08-07 16:20         24558  826bef1a  maps\lost.map
2012-08-22 02:08        362915  96f572a6  maps\Maya.map
2012-11-12 18:01        100659  9cea95a6  maps\mountaincamp.map   *
2012-11-19 00:40          3278  a8cf65db  maps\nameless.map
2012-12-05 13:50        298141  9efb59cd  maps\nussctf.map
2012-08-22 03:21        418194  c199310a  maps\oasis.map
2012-08-18 18:45        304385  d63ad838  maps\palace.map
2012-08-22 00:18        302127  35912a8e  maps\roma.map
2011-09-09 12:58        144964  18d431a3  maps\SIS swampy v2.1.map
2012-08-22 03:32        155341  f2bd7052  maps\skytemple.map
2012-08-22 03:36         38763  fc48f230  maps\snowcamp.map
2012-08-22 03:38         39595  0c81ad91  maps\snowcamp_v2.map
2012-11-12 18:01         20087  9588b91d  maps\snowfield.map   *
2012-08-22 02:29         13409  980e41db  maps\Teepark_classic.map
2012-08-14 17:22        245391  d5efb928  maps\test11.map
2012-08-22 03:41        659924  e2e4b677  maps\western.map

* marked files are not presented above


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Nice man, thanks for this smile


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Impressive job wink

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so good smile


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Ctf_tantum is a good map, but this is only ictf, right?

Awesome maps collection.



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nice collection

besides: it's not "dissymmetric(al)", it's "asymmetric(al)"

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That might be a linguistic discussion, if either "dis-" or "a-" is the proper word to describe that certain maps can not be mirrored horizontally. I have to admit that my use of these words is not perfect, but as close as possible to a common understanding. The dictionary where I looked it up lists these as synonymes.
Oh I notice that I have not been consistent.
Anyway for now I will leave it as it is.

Thank you for the suggestion of ctf_tantum, Lord Kirby, I will consider it for a future update.
The list is labelled as "can be used for ictf" which does imply you can play different gametypes as well. BUT I can not guarantee a good game experience (based on my opinion of course). Take a close look at those screenshots - if you click on it you can see a bigger version - and see if ammunition and armor is available. Since I am not that familiar with its placement I could not improve the maps for default gametypes.


Re: [MAP PACK] especially for iCTF gametype

Don't add ctf_tantum, wait for its official release..


Re: [MAP PACK] especially for iCTF gametype

Okay I do not mind, since I don't feel the urgent need to act immediately.
There are a few others on my personal approval list.