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Topic: [MAP] new maps for iCTF by -E- [botan]

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Hello dear server hosters and players of course

Table of contents:
  1. preface

  2. iCTF: desertcave

  3. iCTF: desertcave_v2

  4. iCTF: snowfield

  5. iCTF: mountaincamp

  6. iCTF: ctf_daynight

  7. map editor bugs?

  8. test server address [n/a]

  9. postscriptum

(1) this shall be a thread to present a few new maps I am working on.
To be precise, mostly I play laser-iCTF (a modification with one shot kill laser) - it is a fast paced game play and that is why the maps are quite small.
Could be too difficult for normal teeworlds gameplay and yet I have not placed any weapons. Apologies, but I am unexperienced in this game mode and would not make it properly.
So if you would like the maps and think it could be interesting in TDM or CTF as well, feel free to help me and publish a version with ammunition and health packs in this thread (or tell me by personal message).

My motivation to create my own maps was a slow starvation of iCTF scene and it is still suffering from people playing only one map all the time (ctf4 from teeworlds 0.5) - perhaps you remember the revolt some time ago...

So I began to gather different suitable maps for that mode (external link; preview images, short useless descriptions and download links provided), but some had graphical bugs and I was not able to correct them at first. After learning the basics of map editor I think the provided maps are playable in low and high details mode. At least I hope so, because several errors have been found later on...
Anyway, here you go: soon I will present all of my new maps based on teeworls 0.6.x
You can click the tiny images for a greater view.


(2) ctf: desertcave

Description: The first is inspired by desertcamp - another famous and great, tiny map smile
Turned it upside down, optimised a few parts, changed some graphics and viola you can start training wallshots very well. Notice the day and night cycle from desertcamp. Spawn points slighly changed and lifted one pixel from the ground:
Players: 3 against 3
Graphics: uses default tilesets of teeworlds 0.6.x only
Size:  ↕40 ↔125  (game layer)
http://s14.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/nhr823t9.png overall view
http://s14.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/agtm3jfy.png overall view, game layer visible
http://s14.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/vpv5664a.png detailed view 1:1, middle part to the left
Download: desertcave (4.3.3) ~ 6 KB [solidfiles.com]

(3) ctf: desertcave_v2

Description: And yet another version with flag in upper corners, same details as above. It has a darker backgroung because of day/night animation. The spawn points have been changed, one is near the opposite base now - better gameplay for 1on1 (not properly tested with more players yet):
http://s1.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/ffcps27m.png overall view, game layer visible
Download: desertcave_v2 (4.3.2) ~ 6 KB [solidfiles.com]


(4) ctf: snowfield

Description: My second map, created on request of a full contact horizontal battlefield. It has become a floating platform with some stages. Falling snow and warm flickering candle lights.
Players: 3 against 3
Graphics: uses default tilesets of teeworlds 0.6.x only, falling snow copied from ctf2
Size:  ↕50  ↔246  (game layer)
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/ph8llsqe.png overall view
http://s1.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/rh5bjkeo.png overall view, game layer visible
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/120909/temp/b2av3kar.png detailed view 1:1, middle part
Download: snowfield (2.4.2) ~ 21 KB [solidfiles.com]


(5) ctf: mountaincamp

Description: This is my third and first own map, created entirely new. After testing it has been reshaped a few times, on top of this thread you see my first draft smile A floating flag in a cave, some horizontal platforms and connections in between.
Players: 4 against 4
Graphics: uses default tilesets of teeworlds 0.6.x, mountains are copied from ctf2 and additonally city_main.png and waterdrop.png with animation from ctf_medieval (you can find it in my linked thread about maps, external link)
Size:  ↕50 ↔131 (game layer)
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/120914/temp/2vouezgy.jpg overall view
http://s14.directupload.net/images/user/120914/temp/ycx9mkyv.jpg overall view, game layer visible
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/120914/temp/ytr2riu9.png detailed view 1:1, lower left corner
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/120914/temp/f82y7jpg.png detailed view 1:1, upper right corner
Download: mountaincamp (3.4.2) ~ 99 KB [solidfiles.com]


After a long time we can finally present you a new symmetrical map for CTF. Most important: it has been made together with Darkfire<3 of group |Almost|. He got the idea to create a map with me, so we discussed several drafts, exchanged ideas and first files until we agreed on the shape of the map. So most of the time was spend to improve its appearance and was a good opportunity for me to learn more about envelopes (animations).
The desert style was settled from the beginning, but we wanted to make some kind of a sandstorm instead of snow... and really slowed down our test server with lots of fast moving particles. So in the end we came out with the following map.
It was a great pleasure to plan, discuss and create the map in close collaboration with Darkfire<3!
Credits go to ~{MS}~ Jini for choosing the name wink


ctf: ctf_daynight

Description: The newest creation is a larger desert themed map with a day / night cycle (about 3 minutes): sun rise and moon, stars flckering at night and several fires are lit, lamps glowing underground at the mine. Clouds are passing by and sometimes even an eagle!
Players: 5 against 5
Graphics: uses default tilesets of teeworlds 0.6.x and several additional graphics (you can find those below at (9) ): fireflies, campfires, smaller ladders and a flying eagle. Oh and generic_lamps of teeworlds 0.7.
Size:  ↕90 ↔180  (game layer)
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/121221/temp/892xqu52.png overall view - day
http://s14.directupload.net/images/user/121221/temp/fykh25zs.png overall view - night
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/121221/temp/dmxzq79w.png overall view at night for better contrast, game layer visible
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/121221/temp/v9xvmf8h.png detailed view 1:1, at red (left) base
http://s7.directupload.net/images/user/121221/temp/zelkt9qu.png  detailed view 1:1, at red (left) base during night time
Download: ctf_daynight  ~ 138 KB [solidfiles.com]


(7) After several test matches we found out some annoyances:
- Although every animation is set to "synchronized between clients" some people encounter a different day/night cylce. I guess some modified clients cause this behaviour.
- A severe bug with blending: changing opacity (abbreviated with A in the editor) of layers/objects/tiles to "0" produces a strange result, as I have described it here about map desertcamp. Our workaround was to set the number to anything below "0" and never to exact "0", let me give you an example: something should be fading out, like stars on daytime, make a smooth transition from 1 to 0,01 and a steep to -0,1. Unfortunately you might notice a short flicker, as if the layer is black entirely or totally gone. Most visible on the moving bird.
Another solution is possible if you can use the image as quad, so now you have access to movement controls too. Instead of blending it out you can just move it out of sight. So a second work around, not possible with every image though.


(8) Of course you can check the map files or look at the screens, but I think it's a better experience to actually play.
So here is a server to check out: BOTANS.org ° LaseRoom ° (running iCTF mod) [visual status] ~ not available anymore
I would like to see suggestions, ideas, support to make it compatible to normal teeworlds and any kind of polite feedback cool

Your sincerely
player -E- team [botan]

(9) {postscriptum}
There are 2 more maps added to the test server: played iFreeze again (mod available here) and thought I would change some things at map ifreeze2 (published a few years ago). The tileset has been changed and that is why the filesize is smaller and I have made 2 versions: gras and desert. The tunnel below is now 2 pixels wide. Hope you can make use of it.
If you need other tested and popular tested maps for iCTF, then you can download those from my collection (external link). All are fully compatible with teeworlds 0.6 and minor bugs have been corrected too.

Here are additional images from map ctf_daynight (6): firefly, campfire (as quad and tile) [websource and licence included], small "lost" tiles and 4 quads to create the eagle
Download: ctf_daynight_tiles.zip ~ 135 KB [solidfiles.com]


Re: [MAP] new maps for iCTF by -E- [botan]

You didn't fix much to desertcamp unfortunately, it's still a super fast 5s cap if you go bottom, and an endless frag&travel for the top way.

Not Luck, Just Magic.

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Re: [MAP] new maps for iCTF by -E- [botan]

_first created 10th Sep 2012_
Thank you for your reply, by the way I have been a great fan of your (blog and) modified client and still waiting patiently if you will carry on the project again.

But back to my topic:
The map desertcave is small and allows a fast gameplay, so do you think it is not possible in normal CTF ?
To compare the fastest flag captures, at ctf2 it takes only 10 seconds (without grenade jumps) but with a longer way chances are better to interfere with the flag bearer.... I guess.
It was not my intention to improve the map, but change its appearance. Gameplay should be similar.

I have made small changes (and increased internal version numbers):

  1. desertcave: (4.3.3) Spawn points are shifted on pixel in the air to protect from spawn kills.

  2. desertcave_v2: (4.3.2) Same as above, but 2 spawn points have been moved. One is located on the ground level near opposite base. Improves 1on1 gameplay, but might have a worse impact in multiplayer matches... needs further testing.

  3. snowfield: (2.4.2) animation corrected.

Download links corrected, not directly to the files but a folder at the same hoster.
The screenshots are not updated because of minor changes and only gamelayer is affected.

_edit 11th Sep 2012_
I am not yet sure how to add licence informations, as there have been some discussion on the forum... I tend to provide the maps to the community and in case I will not port those to an upcoming versions I hope others might do.
Perhaps I will add this information in my main message later. At first I would like to popularise my maps smile

_edit 14th Sep 2012_
A totally new map added to my thread above - mountaincamp
For your interest, fastest flag capture is below 3  seconds - before someone else notices I will tell you myself.
And additionally a reworked ifreeze2.map

_edit 23th Dec 2012_
An early christmas present has arrived: a new map, created by Darkfire<3 of group |Almost| and me.
ctf: ctf_daynight

Find more information at the first post.

Same request as before, perhaps someone wants to make it compatible to default CTF by adding weapons and health?

_edit 1st Jan 2013_
As for the official map group, it has been declined as it is now. You can find a statement here.
So, who wants to pick up the task to change some things for default CTF gameplay?

_edit 7th Mar 2013_
The server hoster changed, so I have edited the starting post.

_edit 21th Mar 2013_
Some links changed, working again.