Topic: [MAP]DesertcampFNG

Download: http://di3el.ucoz.ru/_fr/0/desertcampFNG.map
Test map in server:
iCTF now in vogue FNG wink


Re: [MAP]DesertcampFNG

A really good idea to "convert" the map to fng mode!

But I notice the same trouble as on every (?) version of desertcamp.map (click on the image for a greater view):
At a certain point on sunset and sunrise the fading streams are white, perhaps you know how to fix the animation?
Using teeworlds 0.6.1 for windows.

Unfortunately I could not test with players, but the deathtiles in the corners are difficult to reach, so most people will play in the center. I am not sure if 3 spawn points are enough?

And one last thing: the colours of the spikes are hardly visible, but gamelayer indicates red and blue parts - could you make it more visible?

Oh here is another idea: the file size is rather big, perhaps you want to rework another version? You can download it here: solidfiles.com/desertcamp.zip (only 2,25 KB)

It is a lovely map smile