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Re: [Teeworlds Tournaments] Feedback

Allowing the teams to have a sub. Hurri was timing out multiple times, resulting in restarts. Jambi's partner had to leave before the finals match. He found and was allowed replacement so I guess that's fine.

Not sure how choosing server worked this tournament, but all players should be asked prior to their match on which they would like to play on. If there is a conflict, flip a coin on the two servers and its final. This would also be beneficial for USA/Russian players perhaps.


Re: [Teeworlds Tournaments] Feedback

These Tourneys are great. I think that perhaps having even uses of each tournament type (Swiss, Double Eliminate, Single Eliminate, etc.) would be a nice thing. Maps should be chosen by the gentlemen rule, in my opinion. (Where if all players agree to one setup, use it, if not, then use the eligible maps randomly.)