Topic: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

This weapon is ultimate spamming tool. It deals highest, pretty hard to avoid (in smaller space - that is common) AoE damage, that can be shot 3 times a second. Something is definitely wrong here...
This weapon either needs to:

- deal one less damage
- or have longer delay between shots

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Re: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

It's very slow and easy to dodge. It's perfect to zone enemies.
Since it deals selfdamage it is very useless in close combat.
It's also dangerous for your teamates movement so you have to be carefull.
Its' ammo is limited.
You can easiely start moving between shots if someone keeps zoning you.
And yes i would say grenade is a weapon to spam. You can fear your enemies very efficient and make their moves more difficult.


Re: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

Second time you should have used our search-function: Grenadelauncher overpowered?


Re: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

I knew of that thread, but I feel that one doesn't match the topic with this one.
I'm not talking about grenade being overpowered. I think grenade just needs some fine tuning...

Instead of making another pointless 3-page thread, that still won't lead anywhere, I would like to ask developers to consider this option and possibly test it out.

When you test something out, there's no need to assume how it could work. You already know how it worked.
Then we can talk and argue, and easily tell which option was better...


Re: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

As this game is open source, you can surely try different tunings for the grenade launcher and see what will happen.
On the other hand I don't agree that development should alter working settings with newer versions (which are released once per year).


Re: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

Testing it by myself won't prove the point.
And even if it did and I would prove my point, what would it actually change?

Without developers hand nothing..


Re: Grenade: Weapon choice of spammers!

Never touch a running system!

You really don't want an clearly underpowered/overpowered weapon within the next version, that lasts at least half an year.

Do some testing, talk with matricks when you get some good tuning and you could have a chance to change it with 0.7.
The past proves, that talking about the grenade launcher here doesn't change anything...