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I just started playing Teeworlds yesterday and have not had much luck.

I've found that most servers near me (I'm on the east coast of USA) have a ping of at least 150 despite a high speed connection. This is really tricky to play with, I am frustrated because people have tried to kick me for ping on a couple occasions.

Also I've read the movement tutorial and sure I'm new but I feel I move around decently well now swinging and starting to grenade jump etc; however, I either find I'm able to do fairly well against players or I'm getting destroyed by people with clan tags and so forth.

Either that I get instashot/hooked/lasered immedietely, and I read the aimbot forum so i guess people are just *REALLY* good, but its frustrating when people want to kick you or leave server because "server is bad" or "bad players"

There seem to be only a few servers with players on them, and I guess as a new player I feel like its not really friendly to new players. People enter and if there are really good people either the newer players leave or the really good people leave and then no one is left.

I think teeworlds is a cool game but I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. Are there servers that aren't showing up that I need to know about? Are there servers where you can play casually and people aren't rude?


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cbkenned2009 wrote:

I think teeworlds is a cool game but I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. Are there servers that aren't showing up that I need to know about? Are there servers where you can play casually and people aren't rude?

Instagib f.E : huh instagib server

or you could do some races, you gotta do it on your own, and noone cares on your skill (except of ddrace), and race is pretty funny.

i dont know much about Vanilla (official gametype) servers, but i guess you should take a look at Qi/phönix/ or iB clan servers, because they mostyl have a good connection with an accaptel ping and a well mix of players (skill).

Hope i could help here a bit.


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Regarding that "aimbot" stuff. If you have 150 ping and others 30-40 then it could look like they all cheat but it's more a matter of ping. If you don't play instagib mods it should be ok. I think normal CTF would run well with 80-120 ping (maybe even more).

Maybe try to move away all crosses in the server list and search for DDRace wink - However depending on the map you should have already little skill there. In that mod most would not care regarding your ping but would like that you help them trough the dark or hook you through the dark. It's a coop mod no "shoot other" mod (and got lot players and other guys seems to hate it just because that). But even there lower ping is better.



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I think the problem is that Teeworlds, compared to other games, doesn't classify players on their skills and if you don't know a server where people at your same level plays... well, you won't probably find a good server for you. Quake Live, for example, select a server on your skill level... Teeworlds not tongue
You have to find people at your level and play always with them. Oh, and I don't suggest you to came to Qi or iB server like Snazzy suggested you, maybe the level is a bit too high.
Teeworlds got a big community and everyone got his skill level. If you want to learn Vanilla I suggest you to start playing starting from DM, then move to CTF that is harder and require more movement skills and teamplay.
I remember when I started (2 years ago lol), I tried to improve with 1on1's matches... maybe you can do it too! big_smile
For the ping, it's normal since you are a USA players. There aren't so many US servers because the game isn't so diffused outside Europe.

PS: aimbots are rare and shouldn't be a problem in vanilla, your only problem is the different skill level.

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I think its a shame that some people in this forum advertise in this thread their "cool" mods they like.
However, if you want to play with not-that-skilled players you may take a look at our gV-Servers. Simply quick search gV. You will find some servers with many players (more or less, depending on the time and server itself).
You shouldn join servers from Qi or iB, these servers are high level and you will get kicked hmm
Of coz you could try to find other vanilla servers, but gV's are the best (not at least because i'm member of this clan wink) [But as the server is hosted in germany, you should have a high ping either...]


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By the way, our iB servers are down since ~4months. smile

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