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Topic: [INFO] List of Modifications (0.6.*)

************** List of Teeworlds modifications **************

(CLIENT MOD, REQ) = This mod needs a modified client.
(CLIENT MOD) = This mod is a modified client.
(CLIENT MOD, OPT) = This mod can use a modified client, but it's not required.

0.6.* modifications
Catching by Nox Nebula and Sushi Tee. The original, catch with up to 16 teams all opposing players and dominate the game.
Catch16 by clarus. Up to sixteen teams catching each other.
Client Pack by Sushi Tee. (CLIENT MOD) A client modification with focus on adding new and wanted features.

DDRace by the DDRace Team. (CLIENT MOD, OPT) Complete race-maps in co-operating teams.

Flagball by Nilaya. Throw the flag into the goal.

Gamer by Dune. (CLIENT MOD) Adds a whole lot of extra features to the standard Teeworlds client.

H-client by Ninja Style. (CLIENT MOD) A "simple and efficient" client modification featuring a paste function and a front-end external console administration.

Infection by Gravity. Infect the other team, or try to avoid being infected.
inQontrol by BotoX. Allows server administrators to get the perfect control over their servers. Supports both vanilla and instagib.
IVampire by Slayer. Turns your tee into Edward Cullen.

Monster by Neox76. Fight against monster waves.
Multi-Mod by chlablak. Allows you to customise your server in a wide range of ways.

nClient by MAP94. (CLIENT MOD) Client modification with a whole lot of features, including Lua support.

OpenFNG by fisted. Score by hooking frozen tees into a special zone.

Pickup by KillaBilla. Collect armor and health in order to score as high as possible.
Portal by Gravity. Adds portals to the server,

Race by Sushi Tee, Rajh and Redix. (CLIENT MOD, OPT) Complete race-compatible maps in fastest possible time.
RDDRace by ReD|FoX43.rus. DDrace with a rescue command.

TDTW by Psycho.God and Soullibra. (CLIENT MOD) A full-featured custom client with chat enhancements, scoreboard improvements and general cleanups.

WallShotInsta by Retro. Like normal instagib, but only bounced lasers kill.
War3 by Rajh. Adds classes and abilities.

zCatch by erd and TT <3. Catch other tees and dominate.
Z-client by kaddy. (CLIENT MOD) Adds smileys, an in-game server browser and much more.

0.5.2 and older
  Ball - Anything you might wanna do with a ball. - (Link here!)
  BASKET2.1 - The latest update of the basketball mod, with all kinds of functions. - (Link here!)
  Bomb - One is the bomb. When time goes out bomb says BOOM. - (Link here!)
  Catching - Try to catch all of your teammembers.
      Catching 3.0 - Catching version by NoxNebula - (Link here!)
      Catch16 - An adaptation of the original which adds instagib and a different rule set. - (Link here!)
      zCatch - One player catches all, or gets caught himself. - (Link here!)
  CRAZYmod - Enables the possibility of extremely overpowered weapons. - (Link here!)
  Defusion - One team has the bomb, the other team has to stop it from exploding. - (Link here!)
  Domination - Capture and hold locations. - (Link here!)
  DownloadExtension (CLIENT MOD) - Shows more information when you download maps, like the download speed and the time left. - (Link here!)
  DuelMOD - For those who are interested in 1on1 games, also comes with an experience system. (Link here!)
  Dummy Drag - Master the rope and drag the NPC as fast as possible across the track. (Link here!)
  Flagball - Flag in goal = win - (Link here!)
  Freeze - A type of instagib where the goal is to "freeze" the other team.
      iFreeze - Freeze version by Tom94. - (Link here!)
      FreezeNG - Freeze version by Apprentice Sheng. - (Link here!)
  FLYmod - Adds many extra features, especially for normal and flyrace games. - (Link here!)
  Friend List (CLIENT MOD) - Search on all the servers your favorites players. - (Link here!)
  gCTF Fire - A mod that changes the behavior of the weapons. Like a flamethrower! - (Link here!)
  Ghost - Hitting an enemy with lasers becomes a lot more difficult when they are invisible! -  (Link here!)
  Hold the flag - The longer you hold the flag, the more points! - (Link here!)
  Instagib - A mod where you use the rifle to one-hit-kill.
      Instagib 2.2 - Instagib version by Somerunce. - (Link here!)
      Instagib for 0.5 - Instagib version by null. - (Link here!)
  Instagib Plus - A pack with different gametypes and additional features. (Link here!)
  K.O. - 1on1. If you lose, you're out! - (Link here!)
  K.O. Race - Each race drops one player, till you're the last man standing. (Link here!)
  [L]Race - Just like DDRace, but then with a laser. - (Link here!)
  Lvl|X - Gain XP, level up and develop your skills. With integrated account system. - (Link here!)
  NixNex - Use whatever weapon the game gives you. - (Link here!)
  N-LVL - Collect money to buy very cool weapon upgrades! With accounts to store your progress. - (Link here!)
  Nodes (CLIENT MOD, REQ) - A very unique modification that focusses on construction. - (Link here!)
  Party mod - Modification which focuses on the hammer and grenade launcher. - (Link here!)
  Pickup - Collect health and armor, than go to an special area to score. - (Link here!)
  Race - Fight against time. No killing, just running! - (Link here!)
      hprace - Hammer Race, worth its own place. - (Link here!)
  rAz3r - Perfect for people that like alternatives.  Choose starting weapons, armor and more. - (Link here!)
  RPG - Level up, get stronger and see the fruit of your work! - (Link here!)
  Save - Instagib with saved stats. - (Link here!)
  Spaceball - See Ball
  Stay on the Flag - Hold the Flag in order to win the battle. (Link here!
  Super Smash Bros - Ever wanted to knock-out tees from the map? Look no further. - (Link here!)
  Survival - One life each round. Stay alive! - (Link here!)
  Tag/XTreme - One is tag, and gains great powers. Kill him and you're it! - (Link here!)
  TDTeeworlds (CLIENT MOD, REQ) - Adds numerous functions to change your game, UI and server. (Link here!)
  TeeComp (CLIENT MOD) - Adds lots of nice features. - (Link here!)
  TeeDoom (CLIENT MOD) - A client that adds Doom 2 sounds. - (Link here!)
  Teeshield (CLIENT MOD) - Mod that adds a shield. - (Link here!)
  Teespace - Proof that we could do just fine without gravity. - (Link here!)
  Tee-Strike  (CLIENT MOD, OPT) - Adding new weapons, a new gamemode and other stuff. - (Link here!)
  War3 - Teeworlds + Warcraft 3 = this mod. - (Link here!)
  WaterMOD - Adds both water and doors! - (Link here!)
  Z-Team Pack (CLIENT MOD) - Multilingual mod with new backgrounds, settings, scoreboard etc. - (Link here!)

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