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Hello Teeworlds community,

for the people who still know this website, status.tw has now got a new update. Even though it is currently hardly possible to find all or any servers due to ongoing DDoS attacks, we don't want to withhold this new update from you.

For all of you who don't know what to do with status.tw, I have prepared a little obligatory speech, so listen up. This website offers its users the possibility to see server information clearly. This is mainly done by search masks, filters etc.. It is possible to search for specific servers by the name or IP address, as well as to view the entire server list and sort it according to one's own wish. But of course this process is also possible with player information. Search online for your friends and see on which server they are currently playing. In recent years the team's focus has changed from regular server statistics to the status of Teeworlds services in general. In addition to server information, a clear table of the master server bans and an overview of the current status of the master servers are displayed. Similar to other Teeworlds websites, we offer the possibility to integrate the information of a certain server as a picture into your websites or forum posts.

Currently it is hardly possible to get a complete server list from the running master servers. We do our best to adapt our systems to the firewall rules of the master servers. We therefore apologize if we cannot provide the desired server statistics at any time.

Long story short. I think you want to know now, what all this shit brings now everything new. Even if such services are not used so often, it may help one or the other. Websites of this kind have become quite rare in the Teeworlds Community in the last months.


  • A new modern and responsive design

  • Server status images were added again

  • New diagrams. Currently we are working on long-term statistics to create more diagrams and even historical stats.

  • The website statistics of Teeeworlds relevant websites have been removed. We think this is simply better at the moment. However, we are open to partnerships with Teeworlds websites, clans etc.

  • Improved crawler. The stats collector is now much faster and supports 64 player servers and Teeworlds 0.7 (Currently only the amount of servers, full server info will follow in the coming weeks).

  • Improved master server banlist. It is now clearer who was banned, when he was banned and why he was banned at all.

  • There is now a clearer server page. Each server now has its own information page. There you will find all server information, the player list, as well as location information and the provider. It is now also possible to connect directly to the server via a link to the Steam version of Teeworlds.

  • A system for multilingualism has been implemented.

  • The backend was improved and should now run a bit faster than before.

  • There is now a player information page where you can see which servers this player is currently on.

  • There is now a clan information page. There you can see all players of this clan and the servers they're playing on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find bugs, have questions or would like to express criticism.
Of course you can do all of this here in the forum. Our team is looking forward to your criticism and suggestions for improvement.


Thank you


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We now also provide a dump of the server list to add to your favorites. Could be helpful if the master servers are down again. The dump includes all servers that were registered to a master up to one week ago.



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The design is really modern and smooth. I like it a lot!
The server/player list looks especially useful. I read you updated the crawler for 0.7, I can't wait for the 0.7.1 server info!

Not Luck, Just Magic.


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We are back with a new update. The latest version of status.tw just went online. Included are some minor adjustments and the expected support of Teeworlds 0.7.2. So now all lists, searches, status pages etc. have been adjusted to support 0.6 as well as 0.7. The server search has also received a new selection field for the version.

Also the new information from the 0.7 server info has been added. AI players are now marked in the player lists and the server overview has a number of AI players and the server level as new fields.

Since it is now possible for a master server to support both 0.6 and 0.7, the Services Status page has been modified to provide an overview for 0.6 and 0.7.

The statistics for the server and player distributions also support 0.6 and 0.7, of course. Additionally we added two new charts for the most popular maps and game modes in 0.7.

For more information you should visit our news page: https://status.tw/?p=news.


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Ho, 0.7 support!

MrCosmo wrote:

Also the new information from the 0.7 server info has been added. AI players are now marked in the player lists and the server overview has a number of AI players and the server level as new fields.

Congrats, you are now further ahead on the roadmap than the game itself :D

Small bug, clicking on 0.7 players always seems to give "player is offline", though.

Not Luck, Just Magic.


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Hello Dune, thanks for your bug report! We just uploaded an update to fix it.

Dune wrote:

Congrats, you are now further ahead on the roadmap than the game itself big_smile

I'm not sure if I should find this good or bad big_smile

For the players and clans on 0.7 servers, the server level and the number of bots on the server are now displayed in the corresponding overview.

In addition, the hostname is now generally displayed in 0.7 server info if it is set (And also not corresponds to the server ip). Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with any server. Nevertheless this info is now also there.


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Ha, it's good! Bot info is available from the server browser and should be displayed there, you're just ahead with your web tool :)

In fact, there should be a special countryflag force-displayed for bots in 0.7.3 (#1390) so you wouldn't need an extra column for player/bots type.
For now we're stuck waiting for an artist to draw one.

Not Luck, Just Magic.


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Hello Community,

status.tw has received some small updates. Mainly some improvements in the background. But also some small new features.

AI players in 0.7 now have their own country flag instead of an additional label next to the name. Furthermore, most pages now display the flag next to the name of the country. In the player and clan overview the name and the flag is now displayed instead of the country code.

But with this update we also want to fulfill the wishes of a few players. We now offer a REST API for querying server information, player information and master server bans. This API is publicly available and does not require authentication. Further details and a detailed documentation can be found here: https://status.tw/?p=apidoc

Finally, we have the small question whether there is someone among you who could support our team with some graphics from time to time. Our team currently consists only of developers but graphics are also very important. If there is anyone among you who would like to help us out, please feel free to contact me via PM.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice weekend.


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Embedding server information still doesn't work for 0.7.


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Hello teeslayer,

thank you for your bug report.
We have now fixed this. The server information images should now also work for 0.7 servers.


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Thanks, that was quick. smile


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I linke the rest api big_smile and the design in general.. looks really stunning.

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Hello, everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we have published another small update. This time it's just minor changes so here's just a short list:

  • Style improvements

  • Added verified servers

  • Updated Icons to FontAwesome 5 Pro

  • We welcome Teeworlds Adventures to the status.tw product group

  • Added Frequently Asked Questions

  • Improved API documentation

  • The hosters of the master servers have been added to the service status overview

For more information you can visit our news page.


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Hello together,

we just published the new version of our website.
We've a few new features and some style adjustments for you. In the following I will go into detail about all improvements and adjustments.


Probably the biggest improvement is the new look. As with the last theme, the new theme complies with new design standards and is adapted to mobile devices. An improved menu provides a better overview and a larger footer for easy access to the subpages.
Furthermore, the new design, according to our logo, is kept in a green hue to look consistent. While we're at Logo, we have a new logo (Thanks again to Whis).



Yes we've heard it! status.tw now offers longtime statistics of servers, players, clans, etc. We store all available information every minute and summarize it in clear statistics, lists and diagrams. Server, player and clan profiles are always available, even if the player or server is currently offline.

Longtime statistics also allow us to display other time-based statistics. You can get an overview on the already known "Charts" page. Each player has a profile which shows the approximate playing time, the favourite server and further information. Clans can use the clan overview to view every player who has ever been a member of the clan. The clan overview also shows whether the player is still in the clan or is even online. Server owners now also have the possibility to view detailed statistics about their servers. More about this later.


Since we now have to process and store much more data than before due to the long term statistics, we have bought new servers for our infrastructure. The web server, the database server and our crawlers now all run on separate systems. The database server is configured to process requests quickly.

We have also redesigned some of our queries to make them faster to retrieve. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to purchase technical hardware for this purpose, which could lead to somewhat longer loading times for some queries. We try to meet these loading times with a developed cache, which caches the results of the queries and makes them available from the cache. Some values may not always be up2date.

For you to see. During development, our new crawlers were already running at full speed and collected a lot of data.

Currently we have:

  • approx. 56,000 players

  • approx. 2,100 Server

  • approx. 6,700 maps

  • approx. 150 gamemodes

  • approx. 42mio stored server information

  • approx. 19mio stored player information


A lot of players use special characters in their names or clans. Currently our system does not support these characters. We have now changed this. The full range of UTF-8 encoding is supported. So you can now find all players with special characters without problems.


Of course our project has Teeworlds as focus. Therefore we want to offer you more than just simple server statistics and information. We work together with different partners, who also provide services for Teeworlds. We believe that the cooperation of successful projects will support existing players and server operators as well as attract new players.

We were therefore able to win new partners for status.tw. Among others a new service for anti-DDoS solutions specialized on Teeworlds (because this is still a problem). This service currently protects 3 of the 4 master servers and some larger Teeworlds servers.

We have also reached agreements with all 4 Masterserver operators. Therefore our crawlers are whitelisted at the corresponding firewalls so that you can always get the latest statistics from us without any problems.

To celebrate this update we have started master2.teeworlds.com together with one of our partners as Masterserver again. Now all 4 Masterservers are online and reachable again!


Yes I know, our status pictures may not be the best (we don't have a graphic designer :c). But still we see that the existing images are used. So we added some new pictures again.

With the Long term statistics we have added Pictures for players for the first time. You can view the corresponding pictures in the player profiles and embed them in your forum signature or similar.



Communication and contact with our users is very important to us. Our service today wouldn't be so great if the community didn't give feedback all the time.

We have therefore added new ways to contact us.

  • Discord: Through our partner we now also have the possibility to contact us via Discord.

  • Contact form: For those who want it directly. We have set up a contact form for you.

  • Support tickets: For bug reports or longer discussions we have developed a small support system.


It is now possible to create a user account with us. In the future it will be possible to customize your player profile.

Currently you also have the possibility to add your Teeworlds Server to your user account. For this you have to go through an automated verification process. Everything else will be explained on the dashboard after login.

If you have added your servers to your account, you will get access to detailed information about your servers.

  • Who has ever been on my server?

  • Player statistics of the last weeks

  • Overview of active clans

  • Top players with playing time

  • Top Countries

In the future, we want to extend these functions even further.

With this in mind, we would like to thank everyone who supported us with this update.
We would also like to point out once again that there will almost certainly be mistakes and ask you to send them to us via the contact options mentioned above.

Thank you
Your status.tw Team


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Cloudflare HTTP 504 Gateway time-out page


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Hello heinrich,

thanks for the bug report. Could you please try that again? It should work now.


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Looking better than most companies marketing websites, great job!

Just a little detail that instantly catched my eyes:

The placement for the pagination of the player list (and eventually other lists) could be improved. As the list's height depends on the entries length, the pagination buttons move up and down, either.

I suggest to move the pagination above the list, then they will always stay on their position.


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Hello everyone,
we have released another small update with a few small bugfixes and adjustments.

  • German is now available as language

  • For the player list, server list, player search and server search, the pagination is now also displayed above the list for better availability (Reported by Slayer *gV*)

  • We have added new player and server styles (By Vy0x2)

  • If you have added a server to your account, you can now see the current information of the server and the player list in the server view if the server is online

  • We have now modified the player search so that it also finds players who are offline. For players who are online, the server information is displayed in the search as usual. For players who are offline these fields are empty.

  • Correction of wrong link to player profile in server view (Reported by jxsl13)

  • Correction of the navigation. Dashboard was not visible in Mobile View (Reported by jxsl13)

  • Removal of obsolete navigation links

  • Correction of the server search. Selected versions were ignored when searching (Reported by jxsl13)

  • Mobile view adjustments for hover effects and dropdowns (Reported by jxsl13)

  • Correction of a server configuration that sometimes led to unavailability of the web server

We would like to thank everyone who has reported bugs and expressed requests for changes in the last few days.

To the special character problem: We are aware that there are currently problems when accessing player and clan profiles with certain special characters. This applies especially to names with "#", "/" and "\". We are still working on a solution.

Your status.tw Team


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Did you changed the logo again, to the old one?


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That's right. We had problems with the graphic designer who made the new logo. We changed the logo again so that no conflict breaks out.


Re: status.tw - Teeworlds server status website



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Hello Community
A new improved version of our Developer API is currently in progress. Among other things, this should support the newly added long-term statistics.

To test this API we have developed a Discord Bot, which is now available to you. With this bot it is possible to query Teeworlds related statistics like master server status, player details or server details directly in your Discord server. Further information can be found on the corresponding information page.
Please note that this bot is still under development. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to let us know.

Furthermore, we are currently working on some bug fixes. So it can happen that the player and clan list of servers lead to timeouts. We hope that we can fix these problems within the next days.

Your status.tw Team


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Hello community,
we've just pushed a new update:

  • revised server and player list overview

  • country location added to serverlist

  • fixed players filter in server list (thanks to jxsl13 for reporting)

  • time data is now followed by the timezone

  • updated FAQ

  • example server style link added to server details

  • favorite dump separated into 0.6 and 0.7

  • added page for voluntary donations

  • added Teeworlds Nodes to the partner overview

  • fixed charts color display

  • added steam direct connect link to server details

  • added info pages to master servers owned by status.tw or status.tw partners (e.g. https://master1.teeworlds.com)

  • added server settings for additional server information to server administration (add your server to your account, open the overview and click on the Change Settings link). That includes for now: Website url, GitHub url, Discord invite link, Brief description, Developers, Server tags

  • added server tags to server search form

  • improved performance of server list und server search

  • reworked api and updated api documentation

Kind regards
Your status.tw Team