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Ho ho ho! It's Christeemas, Santee is in town, and Teeworlds 0.7.4 is out!

Download 0.7.4 now!


Here is a short list of the bigger changes Santee crafted throughout this year:

+ Race mode integration (client side)
+ In-game server browser
+ Chat pages & upgrades
+ Statboard upgrade
+ Winter background theme
+ Wide menus mode
+ Server-side chat commands integration
+ 24 new skins, colorable eyes, and many more body parts to use

It also includes some optimisations (faster loads...), gameplay adjustments (prevent skipping death tiles, randomize survival spawns) and lots of smaller changes that you can find on the detailed changelog.

Happy Christeemas!

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Re: 0.7.4 released!

Thx to everyone who contributed to the release smile
That video is really awesome lol

Merry Christmas everyone and have fun playing smile

Remember the 80s - good times smile

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Re: 0.7.4 released!

Great work as always! Thanks to everybody who put in work. Love the new stats board. Heinrich you are quick man.



Re: 0.7.4 released!

Great work guys smile


Re: 0.7.4 released!

Thank you very much guys, for your hard work the last couple of weeks. It is very fulfilling to see how everyone is working together as releases come closer. You developed some very cool features and fixed a lot of bugs. It’s so great to see people put their heart into a project like this.
Seeing racemod Client implementations feels so great. I hope this will bring the ddnet community back over again and solves the discrepancy that happened between the devs a long time ago. Together is will get a better game.

Thank you very much and merry Christmas to all of you.

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Re: 0.7.4 released!

Yes! Thanks to everyone involved in making this release a reality and happy Christeemas to all the Tees out there! smile

Loving TW since 2010 smile