Topic: Pathos' CTF power ranking for North America

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … xQgKDd2DII

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Re: Pathos' CTF power ranking for North America

Nice work taking the power ranking away from cold statistics! It is interesting to see rankings from players with a way higher skill set than myself. Your ceiling is much higher than mine and I assume you can see more than I. And player rankings from straight statistics are obviously flawed and limited.

It seems like some people are almost unrankable due to a high skill level but a lack of activity (Ocuri, Salad, Master, Dude, Nate, ect..) that I personally once considered some of the very best if not the very best NA CTF players in their own time. Inactivity takes a toll and practice makes perfect. I've noticed you can pick this game back up again fairly quickly but there is some loss of speed, hand eye cordination and focus.. but as you said the ranking is never done.


Re: Pathos' CTF power ranking for North America

Looks cool! Please make one for EU.
My proposal:
Shiki A
zandyZ B
Pathos B
everyone else C-E