Topic: How to Find the Perfect Value of inp_mousesens for Yourself

Remove the cursors!

For the past several months or less than a year, I've been playing without a cursor. To clarify, I've been playing with the first game.png instead of the second one:




How does it help?
When playing without a cursor, this forces you to play with feels instead of eyeing your targets aligned with the cursor. This made my hooks and laser suffer a lot at first, but it made me realize how low my inp_mousesens felt even though it was already very high (1600 DPI, 650 inp_mousesens, max in control panel) eventually increasing my inp_mousesens value closer to 1000.

The problem with this method is that I didn't record my accuracy a year ago. Therefore, it could be that the results feel feel like there has been extra improvements.

I would encourage you to record your accuracy with lasers on good and bad days, remove the cursor for some time, and record your accuracy again with cursors on. I would love to know what effects are.