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Topic: Change the default settings in the next patch

We all know we went through the same steps when starting out. Every time I give the recommendations for changing the settings, there's always complaints about why we get such ridiculous default settings, namely:

Dynamic camera
Chat (bind/control)

I've never seen a game that has v-sync on by default. Dynamic camera is just dizzying for the new players, discouraging them from playing. The chat bind is just non-sense (I've seen T & Y binds on the old games--what game started this trend...?).

Further, "--silent" argument should be default. Adding "--verbose" should pop the console up.

Also, what's the ETA on the next patch? big_smile


Re: Change the default settings in the next patch

I don't know, I tend to rebind the chat to T and Y on the new games I play.
I guess it's not a common thing anymore.

PS: maybe open an issue on github?

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