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Topic: [Guide] For the First-Timers

Everybody messes with the default settings. Here is a list of settings a lot of people change after the fresh install:

Dynamic Camera: it zooms the camera towards your cursor. Uncheck this! There are few ways to use dyn cam--guides are here.

Jump: Some people change this to W or even S instead of space.
Chat: Usually changed to enter/return (team chat could be ' or apostrophe)

Borderless window: makes alt-tabbing much smoother (especially for those with multiple monitors)
V-sync: Uncheck this! This reduces your mouse/cursor response rate.

Apart from settings, you should make some changes in your server list menu!

Filters: Uncheck all of the filters. You might sometimes want to use "Has people playing" filter.
Ping: Arrange in lowest to highest order.


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Pathos wrote:

Controls: Some people change this to W or even S instead of space.

He's talking about the bind for the jump key btw.


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Thanks, fixed.

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Thank you.