Topic: [Teeworlds Tournaments] Looking for mapper and maps!

Hey tees,

we, the Teeworlds Tournaments Team, are looking for map-designer!

Skills you need:
- general mapping knowledge
- good skills in vanilla gametypes (dm, tdm, ctf)
- team-player

If you are interested, please write me a PM or contact us via IRC:
irc.quakenet.org, channel: #TeeworldsTournaments
(But you have more luck via PM)

PS: Oh and for the case you can not build maps but know good ones:
We are looking for:
dm 1vs1
tdm 2vs2
tdm 3vs3
ctf 2vs2
ctf 3vs3
ctf 4vs4
Feel free to post them below here..

PSS: tdm 2vs2 recently.