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Topic: [MAP] dm1_pathos

Gametype: 1v1 DM

Version: 1

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/S69HLqo.png


Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByMpA5 … sp=sharing

Here's my reinterpretation of dm1. Here's a list of what you should expect in comparison between this map and dm1:

* More difficult mobility but rewards those who move accurately

* More difficult weapon control, therefore more difficult keeping the lead, therefore more interesting games for higher potential for comebacks

* More difficult and time consuming to get HP (therefore more difficult keeping the lead)

* More dangerous to use grenades but rewards those who shoot accurately

* Laser!

I've got some feedback and most of them were pretty great. Next map I'm going to make will be less cramped, easier to move, etc... pretty much the opposite of this map.


Re: [MAP] dm1_pathos

I've seen so many dm1 reworks, including some of my own, and I have to say that this is all the same. But that's what you were aiming for, right?
A professional dm1. I like it.



Re: [MAP] dm1_pathos

I tried it and it looks worse than dm1, sorry but I had to say it.