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Topic: [MAP] dm_ancient

dm_ancient is a remake of reaper's map dm_historic. Movement in it is both really easy and fast, so it is good for new players as well as for more experienced players. It is meant to be an alternative to the regular dm maps like dm1 or dm8.

Name: dm_ancient
Authors: Xara, reaper (plus a little help from Marik16 in dm_historic).
Gametype: Deathmatch, 1on1, 2on2, 3on3.
Players: 2-6(maybe more in regular deathmatches, but I'm not sure about that).
Size: 60x41 blocks.
Link: http://xaraphim.xa.funpic.de/dm_ancient.map

With gamelayer:


Without gamelayer:


Everybody is welcomed to critizise the map.
Also I hope that some serverhosters will host this map in the future, everybody is welcomed to do so.


Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

Nice big_smile
Looks like it has a good gameplay and it is balanced

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Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

Kind of reminds me of the dm maps the Devs make.

Nice. smile

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Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

Great job!

Looks balanced and thought-through. Doesn't stick out very much visually; looks good and well-tiled, but nothing really special, but that's probably the best way to do it for competitive maps.

Keep on like that smile

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Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

it looked balöanced and palyeble Kepp on working GOOD JOB!

, Snazzy


Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

Thanks for all your comments! Has anybody any ideas about further improvement of the map?


Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

is it idm and dm and tdm and itdm?


Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

good job, it has a fluently gameplay with out any blocking parts smile

Franchan123 wrote:

is it idm and dm and tdm and itdm?

please no instagib on this nice map!

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Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

@Franchan123: As I said in my first post, the map is designed for normal deathmatches, 1on1, 2on2, and 3on3(although there might be not enough resources for 6 good players). I think thes best matches would be 2on2, as the map seems to be a little too big for 1on1. Of course is it possible to play the instig mod on this map, as this is possible for every map, but it is not designed for that. I have no idea, if it suits the instagibmod in any way, and as I don't like the instagib mod very much, I'm not going to test that. If you are interested in playing instagib on this map, just do so, although i share 0³7's opinion that playing instagib on a map designed for normal gameplay is just a waste of both fun and time.


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It's still there...

I remember this map so well. Love to see this.

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Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

Perhaps you should note that
this map is not for 6.2. Or what is the version number on this map? I don't know. If it is for the latest stable version, then what am I doing wrong? The graphics are all messed up in 6.2.

Decent map, a few parts that stick out to block you. Very,very cramped. Duels should be excellent here,

Extremely hard to get around in at first, but after a game or two you'll get the hang of moving around in this wierd map. This would make a great official map in 7.0.
Not my favorite dm map, but certainly not my least favorite either.


Map is best suited for low level players, but better players should be able to get around just fine after they play for a little while.



Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

Updated this map to teeworlds 0.6.2

Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/336 … nt_062.map


I have just reworked the graphics to match with the tilesets shipped with Teeworlds version 0.6.2.
I did not change any game layer tiles.

Feel free to PM me if you found any graphic glitches.

@Xara: Please PM me, if you don't want me any longer to link this version of map.

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Re: [MAP] dm_ancient

!!! Thank you Slayer, I appreciate your work.

I'm glad someone decided to do this.