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Topic: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017


It's this time of the year again!
After the successfull tournament earlier this year we are thrilled to host a 2nd gCTF tournament in 2017.
Once again the best of the best will compete against each other to get the golden Launcher trophy.
Grab a mate and prove yourself!


Teams: 2 man teams (+ optional 1 substitute)
Format: Double Elimination
Misc: As in the previous event a special client will be provided.

Tournament date: 19 February 2017 12PM UTC+1

More information @


Thank you to all supporters, your contribution is really appreciated.


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Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

Will this require the special client with account system? Can the coder for this client just make a general account system client?


Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

Actually no, cause then people would see the holes in it; there would be another master server that's prone to attacks (if every player needs to authenticate there before playing....) A way to go around this would be that every client-and-name has a private and public key, the public one being signed by the master server when registering or when adding another client to the registered name (providing a login web interface or so.....) But this would significantly increase the traffic (in fact, the master server has only to care about registration of new players, when connecting to a server for playing the client sends its own public key signed by the master server and each individual game server validates the correct signature by grabbing and storing the master servers public key once. (why one registered client can't change name? The public key contains a fixed name and only the key+name combination is signed. Another idea coming from this is that if you want to use multiple clients=keys with the same name would be to not register them all but register one client and sign the key of the second client with the key of the first client, meaning that if you connect to a server, the server will be able to follow the chain to the valid master server signature (so every key can also sign, but only keys for the same name can be signed)

Master server signs A
A signs B
A signs C
C signs D
E signs F

So any if A-D are valid because you could say C signed D, so if c is valid, d is also valid. C is signed by a, so if a is valid, d is also valid and because a is valid (signed by the master server) d in turn is also valid. Neither e nor f would be valid, though, because there is no link to the master server. (Note that this implementation would also greatly add traffic because one key would need to send all public keys until the master server on every authentification}

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)


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We updated the current standings. I would like to thank all teams who signed up already and first and foremost the supporters and donors who make this event even more worthwile.

Current standings


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A push; sorry for the silence, here are some updates for all participants:

First of all I would like to thank every player and supporter for their interest and contribution. With your help we raised 200EUR for this tournament's prize pool. As of February 1st over 30 teams signed up for this tourmanet which is pretty overwhelming for a small mod such as gCTF. I'm really looking forward to this event (@ 19 February 2017 12PM UTC+1).

Today I finally found the time to publish this year's ruleset which can be found here: cup.kosmos.tw/ruleset
A quick glance:

Format: Double Elimination @ Best-of-3
Scorelimit/Timelimit: 1000/15
Mappool: ctf3, ctf4_old, ctf5, ctf_tantum, ctf_mars

This year's map pool contains two maps that are pretty uncommon: ctf_tantum by Sonix and ctf_mars by Chi11y. You can download them here or play them at our Kosmos gCTF servers.

Also Imba reached out to us and suggested a Pick/Ban system for the mappool which we will adapt for this tournament. Basically each team can ban 2 maps before every match (Best-of-3). This whole thing will be realized through votes and will be fairly simple.

That's it,



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Hm, I like that website, who made it?

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Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

Thank you, the website was done by me.

Fixed some issues, thanks to the guys pointing stuff out.


Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

Perfect work pix' wink

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Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

We want to thank everyone who participated in this year's tournament. Every event is an opportunity to try out new stuff, learn from past mistakes and make some new mistakes and we want to thank every player for their honest feedback.

Unfortunately yesterday's grand final ended in a bad fashion and two players of the opposing team got disqualified. Because of the special circumstances the teams that placed 3rd, 4th and 5th will receive a equal share of the prize pool.
We want to congratulate: 

3rd place: Team Vollbluthustler
4th place: Team dgt.
5th place: Team Simba and Team Fairy Tail

Bracket Link

We thank every team for participating and for their good sportsmanship and again are sorry for the delays and failures in communication during and prior to the event.

There are some players demanding that we should refund the money because they feel their time wasted so at the very end I want to paraphrase a statement from both top donor and finalist Nexus:
"I donated the money to reward the players for their great performance. Because this wasn't present in the finals the money should go towards the teams placed after us since we are out."

We know there were errors on both ends during and after the torunament but we hope that the decision makes a stand against the rising toxicity and lack of respect within the scene.

The Team
pixe1, Pata, Krooked, .Pryde & Co.

Pata will contact the teams regarding the prize money.


Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

it would be neat if you implemented some kind of count down for every match, so that you just have to take a look at the count down and not always check what time it is in what time zone etc.
It would be funny to know what happened big_smile

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Re: 2x2 gCTF Tournament 2017

GG, it was fun playing that mod! Looking forward for the next tournament smile