Topic: BlMap != Skill?


first this is no rage post and I hope you understand my bad english ._.

Well, I just want to talk about a BlMap that seems to be very popular (Currently there are 7 Server online with this map) "BlmapTouch_Up"
The basic design of this map is not bad, it could be really good but there are 2-3 Spots where you are nearly invincible. I mean really, I just blocked the whole map for an hour at one spot without any problems.
Well some design mistakes are okay, but now comes the Heavy Hammer. The perfect noob tool, you can block people without any problems the word hammerspamming gets a complete new meaning through this.
I've just seen people who lost their heavy hammer and continued to shoot with their grenade launcher because they were not able to block anyone without their hammer. I mean, this map got very popular and BlmapV3 just disappeared, sometimes I see ONE full server.

In my opinion this shows that the people do not want to play a game to be the best, they just want an illusion that shows them they are good. Just create a map with hilarious upgrades in any gamemode, it will get popular. Or not?


Re: BlMap != Skill?

Sure it will. And that's what kinda makes me mad tongue People always play where they can "win easily".

Try until you succeed.


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Yea, make assumptions about other people, tell them they're bad! +1!


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The fact that you realized this by doing it yourself proves your theory.
But there is hope: You feel bad now and think, that it was stupid and a waste of time smile


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But I guess people want to have fun. They apparantly are having fun, otherwise they'd be doing something else. smile


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Exactly, if players (especially newbs) can be easily successful, they have fun and that's what a map is supposed to do. So it's still better to play maps like that, than playing a map you don't like.


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Soo, you prefer a bad designed map with upgrades as a good designed map without upgrades?