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Topic: searching a clan

I've played teeworlds for 4 years in solo. 2 years ago, I was looking for play in team, but at this moment, there was just few clans, and like many topic say it, a lot of people preferred DDRace. But now, there is a global movement in favor of clans and Vanilla, so I'd like to try, but one more problem is that I don't know many players nor friends playing teeworlds, so I don't know much about the existing clans except the names.

I'm french, 21 years old and I like strategy in teeworlds. my favorite game is the CTF and nade zCatch (I loved instagib too, but too many bots or people who accused me wrongly). I'm looking for an international clan to practice English, but enough tolerant to forgive my poor English^^ I'd like to play with a mature clan with mature members to play a "true" game (like the original spirit of this amazing game).
Concerning my game skill, I'm fast on CTF5, and good at hook when my ping is not too low (hard to keep the flag below the map on CTF5 when I defense). I'm also a good hunter when the opponent flag holder is fast.
Then I'm also a developer so I can do some stuff on mods or website if needed.

What clan could you advise me ?


Re: searching a clan

Welcome to our forum, hl037!

We have our own thread for your concern: If you are looking for a clan, this is the topic!

Gl and hf!

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Re: searching a clan

Oh yes sorry, I searched in every sections for a such post, and I didn't look at the stickies xD

is there a way to suppress ?

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Re: searching a clan

edit: my team mate didn't see that your request has already been answered in another thread (we use the same account). so this post is redundant, sorry for that. but you can close this thread anyway.