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(posted by: Sonix) | 2013-09-03
Hey everyone,
today I want to introduce you a brend-new and functional MWG that will bring a lot of new maps for the community :)

The Map Working Group:

It's a group of few experienced and vanilla-only mappers that aims to create more and more enjoyable maps for the Community.
As RUSterrorist said:
There shouldn´t be a Jury to decide about it, the "Maps" section is good enough for it. If you want to make a Mapping group, make it create maps post them in the section and enjoy the criticism.

and that's what we'll do, everytime we post a map it'll be tagged [MWG] to keep it clear.

This group will use a collaborative Map Editor (custom client, thanks to BeaR) where every group-member can edit live every map that is stored in a specific Dropbox folder (live sharing :) ).

How to propose a Map:

- Put a link in this thread that redirects to the topic of the Map and follow this form:


#Map name:

#Link to the map:
Link here

"I want you to checkout this map because it's kewl"

*This is a community process: everyone can simply propose their maps for inclusion in Teeworlds, granted:
- they accept to license their work under the TW license
- their map is accepted by the Community and by the person in charge of the Map Development.

Standard criteria for maps:

- Tee style
- High-detail and low-details modes
- Standard tilesets
- Thoroughly tested with in-game action: public test-games are the best way to do it.

Starred Maps:

The maps that haven't got the potential to join among the official ones, but they're still very well made and appreciated by the community will get a "Star Mark".
Which means that these quality maps will get hosted on special servers (map_rotation on) where everyone can enjoy playing custom maps :).

[h]The list:[/h]


Pushed to Official:

Starred Maps:


Want to join us?

Contact me via PM or IRC ;)

That's all for now, if you have questions feel free to ask.