Topic: New webpage progress.

As a break from the Teewars code, me and red_com is working hard at the new webpage. After some fighting over how it should behave we have come to a very very nice page.

The design is done, the css and html written, minor tweaks remain. The remaining things todo is to write the PHP code for it. Not very much code to write and I've written most of it already and we are aiming to have the new web page in place this weekend.

If you are intressted to see how the new webpage will look like, here is a demo of it.


All of that stuff that are on that page won't be there when we release it, it's just some ideas for what info could fill that sidebar.


Re: New webpage progress.

Looks nice.

Needs more graphics in header and body tho, some of the cozy feeling from the old site is gone tongue

And personally I'd remove the graphics to the left of the news (avatar? or whatever it's supposed to be when done), looks better without, but maybe it's just me.


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Re: New webpage progress.

the avatar? well, I cant really say that they are there for some design critial reason. but they do serve a minor purpous, and I think the giva a nice flare to the design. so if its up to me, they stay ^^

about more graphics, One thing I´m thinking about doing is adding (well matricks will be adding, I'l just draw them and let him do the boring part ;P) random illustations to the top. and other illustations, like the one on the current/old site will probably make a comeback as well ^^


Re: New webpage progress.

Yeah I guess they serve a minor purpose, but still disturbing and generic in my eyes wink

Cool, hope that includes the header.

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It's hammering time!