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Topic: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?


I usually have a ping around 60-80 (at least the game says that) and the following problems occur very often - even against players with a higher ping.

In close combat...:
- My projectiles just seem to pass trough the enemy. Even the shotgun - game shows the other player in the middle of it, no hit registered.
- It looks like I'm running in the exact same place as the enemy. No matter in which direction I shoot, I can't hit.
- Enemies often finish me off quickly, when either one happens - they don't seem to have any trouble hitting me repeatedly.

I'm seeing others, even ones with a higher ping, do those "almost instant hook kill" a lot but all I manage to do (even if luck is on my side) is hook my opponent repeatedly until he kills me - often even if it's just a relatively weak opponent who's struggling around randomly and/or is being hit & hooked around by players of his own team aiming at me.

So, what is this, what does one do? Shoot in front instead of at the other player? Yes, obviously you have to AIM in front of him with slower projectiles to shoot him, that's what I'm doing, that's not what I mean. But do I have to aim even further away for an imaginary "ping-shadow" in front of him or something? Or do I have to aim as if I would be running in front / behind myself or something?

I don't get it, I almost NEVER am able to hit a moving target when I'm aiming so unless my opponent is standing around or hovering slowly in mid air because he's being blocked, I can only spam around and hope he jumps into the projectiles.

And as if this wasn't strange enough: While I don't remember ever having hit someone with a laser, I don't have much of a problem doing multiple "imaginary hits" with the hock / rapid right clicks (sound + opponent motion indicate it connects)? OK, this last one might have been coincidence: didn't try that to often as it doesn't make much sense unless I want to be chased around by a stronger player.

Any hints? Thanks!


Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?

Playing with a higher ping requires a lot of getting used to. A way i (used to) do it is predict there movements 1 second beforehand, and hook/shoot there. Or also, you can try the Z-Team antiping client. I find it confusing though.


Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?

alias wrote:

Playing with a higher ping requires a lot of getting used to. A way i (used to) do it is predict there movements 1 second beforehand, and hook/shoot there. Or also, you can try the Z-Team antiping client. I find it confusing though.

decoy wrote:

I usually have a ping around 60-80

Doesn't look like he has a high ping, I'm playing with 120 ping.
Decoy, can you tell us your fps? (cl_showfps 1 in f1 mode)

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Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?

fps says "59/60" (twitching between the two rapidly) - but I'll try lowering the resolution a bit & test again, just to be on the safe side. Maybe for some reason the game displays a lower ping than I actually have... is that possible?

So is "running in the same space" as others a ping issue, a different bug that makes it look like that in my client or is it actually possible for players to "overlap"? That's the one that confuses me most...

I might try this Antiping-Client just to see if I get some more information about my problem by watching those "ping shadows", thanks! Easier than imagining those things wink. Didn't find the source though... or is there a source diff somewhere?


Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?

try this: go into settings>graphics>uncheck v-sync. does it go any higher?


Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?

Problem seemed to have disappeared almost completely over the last weeks. Either my Internet connection got better, if this was a connection problem, or it might be due to changes in my "playing style" if it was something buggy. I'm still curious though...

- Is getting into / running in the same place as another player possible?

- Can grenades be shot trough a tee somehow without triggering a collision?

In both cases, the objects never seemed to overlap each others centre much. Not sure what to think of it...


Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?

1. Don't think so...

2. Yes, sometimes, a tee may be able to jump straight through a grenade without being hit, I forget the exact situation. It was reported on the bug list, but dismissed as a feature, and not a bug.


Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?


this is a problem some players encounter when they reach a higher level of playing performance.
Since you consider yourself as a moderate player, the problem can be linked to 2 factors:

1) Resolution / V-Sync / bad graphic card drivers: If V-sync is enabled, turn it off in the settings menue, restart the game and watch your FPS. Turn off high detail, and test your changes on an official map with the stock graphic skins.

2) Weak connection / bad server: visit speedtest(dot)net, and test your internet speed and try the ping-test aswell. It will provide you with informations concerning your ping-jitter, considering you turned all other applications off while the test is running. Also, wifi is not the type of internet you would want to play with in the high skill area, so connect via ethernet cable if possible. Play on various good vanilla servers (unmodded) to test your performance.
Watch if anyone else is using your internet while you play.



Re: Close Combat / ping / lag / something & stuff?


1) On what level? I don't understand how this can affect the described behaviour and I can only change the "ingame" teeworlds resolution / vsync: the server will maintain native vsync / resolution / refresh rate unless I reconfigure everything. High detail didn't make any difference, neither did ingame vsync / resolution... graphics card / driver work fine, no performance problems.
2) Thanks, but I thing that online application isn't really working. I'm pretty sure my ping jitter is at 1.7 and my packet loss is almost exactly 0%, but that thing seems to have a jitter of 3.5 of its own and seems to add it to the score. Is there any other reason why wifi could make problems? OK, I don't get below 60-80 for a ping, but shouldn't that do? Well - not a chance to get a cable to the machine anyway unless I want to tear down the house and build a new one around what mess of a cable installation my provider did. wink

After thinking about the "playing performance"-thing a bit more... I guess I stopped having serious trouble with this after I started playing DDRACE. When I went back to vanilla / CTF after a week or so, it was just almost gone. Also I turned down my mouse sensitivity...

... and another thing is: I mostly experience those problems when confronted with players that are a lot better than I am. Is it possible they somehow actually know they're doing this and run in the same position as me / jump trough my grenades intentionally somehow? Or is it just the speed at which I'm trying to chase them that makes it occur more frequently?

Anyway - it's not near as bad as it was when I started this thread now. Guess I'll just play another week of DDRACE and see how that affects whatever is happening... all I know so far is that I get to hear a lot more Russian swear words in CTF5 since I "came back" from xyz_ddrace2 and I think that's always a good sign. big_smile