Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

bug: if you damage yourself with rocket, it can do up to 6  damage whereas normal does only 3.


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

Yep, in common Teeworlds-style, there still are a few bugs...
Whenever I find some time, I might fix them.

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Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

Inofficial but fast as hell download mirror, directly downloadable:

Official hoster of the Lvl|x servers | lvlx.org
Mirroring popular Mods at teeworlds.secu.in
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When I try to unpack the linux version:

tar xkvjf teeworlds+_1.0_linux-x86.tar.bz2
bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Beende mit Fehlerstatus aufgrund vorheriger Fehler

Could someone upload a valid file?


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

Rename it to "teeworlds.tar.gz" and try with:
tar -xvf teeworlds.tar.gz

Might work, I haven't tried, and I won't do it.


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

That works.


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

T4b, a very usefull tool is "unp" (unpack), it recognizes the archiv type automatically, so you just need to type "unp teeworlds+_1.0_linux-x86.tar.bz2". It should be available in your repositories.


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

Hey i need some help today smile
I try to mod a little the great job of Tom  by adding an option for use only hook...
First i just replace in gamecontroller.cpp some lines of code :

chr->weapons[WEAPON_RIFLE].got = 1;
chr->weapons[WEAPON_RIFLE].ammo =-1;

with these :

chr->weapons[WEAPON_HAMMER].got = 1;
chr->weapons[WEAPON_HAMMER].ammo = -1;

Then i realised that i could just delete the ammo of rifle:

chr->weapons[WEAPON_RIFLE].got = 1;
        chr->weapons[WEAPON_RIFLE].ammo =0;

It was working (2 methods work) but  i always need to restart the server for changing it...
I make a new variable

int rifle=0

and i replace 0 (ammo) with rifle so when I change the value of rifle it changed the ammo and the possibility to use or not the rifle...
But it don't resolve my problem, so i decided to make a command avaliable in F2 that could change the value of rifle...
I don't find it so i ask for your help.
P.S. I tried too to use the instagib variable but i don't find the command for turn it on/off
If i could i would do :

        chr->weapons[WEAPON_RIFLE].got = 1;
        chr->weapons[WEAPON_RIFLE].ammo =0;
        chr->weapons[WEAPON_HAMMER].got = 1;
        chr->weapons[WEAPON_HAMMER].ammo = 0;

P.P.S. Sorry for my english xD
P.P.P.S. I searched very much so don't just say "There is a search command" I post here because i really need help...
Yea, everyone has to begin one day...


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

awesome mod now i can make a streetwars server big_smile

-_- O_o ._. '-' ^-^


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

in freeze ctf when a teamfriend melt you, you explode and respawn (reborn)....
the option to contiune from you did freezed, no work....


Re: [MOD] TeeWorlds+ [1.0]

I dont know if im allowed but i would like to post an up-date of the windows server ^^

sv_rcon_password        to  sv_rcon_password_admin
sv_referee_password     to  sv_rcon_password_referee
Changed the broadcast, now only: "About: /info" is shown. The standart broadcast is toooo long, so i and many others say. ^^
Bans are now in seconds and minutes

sv_reconnect_time   //bans people when they leave to avoid to be frozen or getting kicked.
sv_max_connections   //to prevent multiclient or votebot
sv_rcon_tries   //bans a player after the setted value to prevent server crash
sv_netmsg_limit   //bans a player when he sends to many messages to the server to crash it
sv_welcome_msg   //sends the player a welcome-message

Too long messages   //chat message what is longer than 300 characters to "hide" the chat
Conless Packet   //server has crashed when a connless packet with the size 1-6 arrived
Kick/Ban ID 16  //server probably crashes when this id gets kicked/banned?
You can add bans into the .cfg file
2x the same addvote isnt allowed

P.s. Sry for my bad english wink ^^