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A Modification of multiple old teeworlds versions varying from 0.4.0 to teewars where players can experience/relive what teeworld was like back then with the addition of leaderboards depending on version to version and maybe profiles

This is one of my first modifications infact, I'm a beginner modification dev hmm (And im also new on forums and im not sure if i really know the rules fully and im kinda stressed about it so sorry if the whole entire post seems weird and unusual) and for a first one, I don't even think it's possible unless...?

Anyhoo, I need help on this modification currently
I am looking for a C and/or C++ programmer currently smile
And for those that want to know my roles, its just concepting and testing which i think is too easy compared to programming so i too am trying to learn programming (my common sense and sanity wont let me sad but there has to be a way)
The project is on develteam where i originally tried finding programmers over there (But I can't "C" anyone who knows them coding languages) but develteam will be used for communication and stuff

Anyhoo that is all for this post
Recorrections are welcome

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I'm thinking of it, So what's this? A mod or A project? Even a team?

Remake infNext!
infNext can be better!
That's a good idea!