Topic: Annoying lag

Hi, there.

I have a serious problem with Teeworlds. I really enjoy it, but since some weeks ago, I've been experiencing a serious lag. I'm not able to aim, my tee moves backwards and forwards when I'm playing and it's difficult to use the chain without falling.

I've asked some players and some of them have lag and some don't, so I don't understand anything.
My Internet connection works properly, and everything does except Teeworlds.
I've installed the Nvidia drivers on Linux Mint 19 but the problem persists.
I've disabled VSync and I have tried different fps settings, even I've disabled it.
I've installed everything it reads in "readme" document, but nothing seems to work.

Do you have any solution for that, please?

Thanks so much indeed.


Re: Annoying lag

Is it network or graphical lag? Have you tried changing servers?
What is your ping? (Tab, last column on the scoreboard)
Does your FPS value have drops? (f1 -> cl_showfps 1 or ctrl+shift+d, ctrl+shift+g, look at the framerate graph).

From what you've described, it's probably on the network side though. If you're on wireless it could be packet drops (but that looks too strong for that). If you have the opportunity (eg laptop or 4g), try with a different internet network

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