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Topic: City Source Link Please!

Hi, I am BoinG, and I am hoping to find a city source for ubuntu. I tried this: https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=10174 and even this: https://github.com/Pikotee/teeworlds/tree/uTown but it is no use, If you can send me the link, that would be great! Also, email me on jaskaransinghvirdi@outlook.com if you can't answer because you didn't create an account. Also, visit *snip* to stay up-to-date with my clan! (Bone Sawing)


P.S: There is one that is TRUE, but only works for windows / mac sad

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to make the city source for my server that comes out on 19th July 2019. Visit this:*snip* or bzhu's page which you will find on his server which you will find on my website which you will find it here above us right now.


or quicker is this *snip*

ERROR SOLVED !!! IF YOU GUYS ARE WANTING THE LINK IT IS HERE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> *snip*