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Topic: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Hello guys, sorry bad my english big_smile

I decided to just give the this mod public, access based in modification (Teeworlds -> DDNet -> InfClass -> MMOTEE)
Maps are made only on TeeUniverse

I don't think anyone'll do, but for new people maybe something will be helpful to take a cut of code

So there is a test mod that allows you to have a tab in the voting for map change and other standard, and as well as the menu at the same time, if need i'am later public this


Features lol:
- MySQL DataBase
- Inventory system (sorted, drop, destroy, and other)
- Clan system (upgrade, ticket for create clan and other)
- House for clan (upgrade, and other)
- Job Work (Leveling, and more other bonuses)
- Craft Items (Rare, and Artifacts and more other)
- Shop used Materials which are produced by players at work
- Bossed (Drop item, Personal for players)
- All Items who drop killing Mobs Boss (droped personal)
- Menu in Voting (Events, And more others, clan, housed, donated, settings, upgrading)
- Skill system (Active and Passive)
- 2 type upgrade points
- Gold and Silver no Money
- Settings personal for all item's (enable, dissable and other)
- Title system (example kills pig and got 300 meat pig you got Title Pig and got 10-30% discount in Shop)
- Parsing settings Emote or Key for used Active Skill
- And more more, i have not written all features


Menu clan house
Mail System
Selling Miner Ore Item's and reconstruct in Materials
Miner work and used crafted item for miner (99/540 strength to breakage)
All Jobs and work (Exp and Level)
Tee Armour
How work materials system example

sv_materexp_work - need Exp for up level Loader
sv_farmexp_work - need Exp for up level Farm
sv_minerexp_work - need Exp for up level Miner
sv_event_school - settings event school
sv_event_hammer - settings event hammer
sv_event_summer - settings event summer
sv_city_start - 0 - 1-150(250)lvl 1 - 250lvl++
sv_dropdance - X dropable mobs
discord - discord group in menu

Server don't crash, but the optimization of the weak I'm the man who loves more and more
If someone decides to revive the project, i am give away group in discord

YouTube example gameplay

- Source mod + teeuniverse + MinGW included + MySQL DB + Instruction + Maps (1-250)