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Topic: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Hello guys, sorry bad my english big_smile

I decided to just give the this mod public, access based in modification (Teeworlds -> DDNet -> InfClass -> MMOTEE)
Maps are made only on TeeUniverse

I don't think anyone'll do, but for new people maybe something will be helpful to take a cut of code

So there is a test mod that allows you to have a tab in the voting for map change and other standard, and as well as the menu at the same time, if need i'am later public this


Features lol:
- MySQL DataBase
- Inventory system (sorted, drop, destroy, and other)
- Clan system (upgrade, ticket for create clan and other)
- House for clan (upgrade, and other)
- Job Work (Leveling, and more other bonuses)
- Craft Items (Rare, and Artifacts and more other)
- Shop used Materials which are produced by players at work
- Bossed (Drop item, Personal for players)
- All Items who drop killing Mobs Boss (droped personal)
- Menu in Voting (Events, And more others, clan, housed, donated, settings, upgrading)
- Skill system (Active and Passive)
- 2 type upgrade points
- Gold and Silver no Money
- Settings personal for all item's (enable, dissable and other)
- Title system (example kills pig and got 300 meat pig you got Title Pig and got 10-30% discount in Shop)
- Parsing settings Emote or Key for used Active Skill
- And more more, i have not written all features


sv_materexp_work - need Exp for up level Loader
sv_farmexp_work - need Exp for up level Farm
sv_minerexp_work - need Exp for up level Miner
sv_event_school - settings event school
sv_event_hammer - settings event hammer
sv_event_summer - settings event summer
sv_city_start - 0 - 1-150(250)lvl 1 - 250lvl++
sv_dropdance - X dropable mobs
discord - discord group in menu

Server don't crash, but the optimization of the weak I'm the man who loves more and more
If someone decides to revive the project, i am give away group in discord

YouTube example gameplay

- Github (added 04.02.2021 https://github.com/kurosio/Teeworlds-Mmotee-Old)
- Source mod + teeuniverse + MinGW included + MySQL DB + Instruction + Maps (1-250)

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

I'am don't shows all
1. Auction (sell items) time expired
2. Member houses upgrades
3. Couples wedding
4. Questing patch for find
5. Eat cafe. More eats.
6. Houses personal. Door and payment. Hotels
7. World time.
8. Storages, dependent on each other
9. Inbox, Items.
10. Actions over players offline
11. Shop.
12. Brain craft.
13. Coupon codes
This only engine sql work

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Cool stuff, must have been a lot of work!

I think you should learn the version control software "git" and upload the source code to some service like Github.
It's super convenient and people will see, what you did with every small change you do to your mod and maybe learn something from those "commits".

For example, you add some feature, create a "commit" and push that change to the GitHub repository. Then people will see what you changed and where and will maybe learn something or help you with development, etc.

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Some YouTube Stuff about Teeworlds


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Thanks, yes a lot of work, it's already on GitHub


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Good , but... where to move things???

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

I don't know what you mean. If you need 0.6 server mmotee download this, see instruction only Linux, complie used "bam server_sql_debug" or other. If you need, you can make to Windows


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

He means that the GitHub repository is not accessible.

Teeworlds [ friends ] clan
Some YouTube Stuff about Teeworlds


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

This mod compil only Linux? Becouse i can't compile windows xD


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

If it is required it is possible though where to compile it as I do not use Windows for servers I do not do cross compilation

Github i closed in private.

Already in MMO 0.7

- Client (use hack Cl_De_ClientInfo) available vanila play, and in mmo-client in vanilla servers
special effects (Msg packets)
- Discord Bot (connect server account, personal card, and more another). Used special CONF_DISCORD

MMO 0.6 I did on the speed
But here I try to keep order


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Oh wow, that looks like a big project! The Discord thing looks quite interesting to me :)

Not Luck, Just Magic.

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Who know how make cross-compiling? hmm from Ubuntu to Windows
Mb i dumb but it's oke)

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

youtube Discord connector, and theme card

Update threading and connection Pool SQL
Each created thread has its own connection got connection pool

-> I use function UpdateTable(args)  - this creates thread, thread got connection in connection pool.

This easy use minimal code and Threading + Pool


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Who can throw off the compiled version of the mod?


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

Don't remember, but it's like the last version that was on the hosting (need sql)

Linux: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DCE2Or … sp=sharing

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

I apologize that so little time is done a little, and I still play to enhance the imagination
Сhanges have occurred, some
- All vote menu, use tabs and Colored
- Equip item's first ver (later added enchant for this, and bonuses)
- Enchant desynthesis item's destroy
- Brain mob agression and experience/items depending on the utility
- 1 (Account) this 3 (Level Battle / Level Crafting / Level Relax)
- Server can also work with vanilla clients
- Mobs have the regeneration health, out aggression

Auction & Equip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCL8kbj … e=youtu.be

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

- Added Multiworlds system (i think this good system for RPG or MMO) (Tested on 24 Worlds uses 880 Bots optimize Core)
- Added Full Support Multiworlds system (Teleports on House World or Member House World)
- Full Sync (you can not be afraid for lost data) and Add Minimal Swap on Worlds (Health, Mana) saved
- Teleports Adventure Aether unlock new position and Next Time you Unlock This Teleportation Work All Worlds
Full Supports Vannila Clients

- Stats how Mmo (8 Equip Slots) Every Slots Added Strength (Damage) Piety(Mana) Hardness(Health) Crit Hit(Crit) Direct Crit Hit(Direct Crit) Tenacity (Up agreed mobs) and others Show all your stats on upgrades - All counted and say your Class Level

- Stats This (Your Upgrade + Item Equip + Item Enchant Level * Enchant Bonus for One Stat)
- Classes (Healer, DPS, Tank)
- Added More new Wings and Effects Enchant (For only MmoClient)

And many more things (update later post) add screnshots and video devlog

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Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

- Variety of worlds, snow, Japan, fields, each world contains its own unique resources (minerals, harvest, mobs, strong mobs) business, houses guilds, houses players, npc.
- Level up discovering new resources for production equip, watch the statistics enchant on efficiency and much more
- 25+ Statistic bonuses for items and equip, sub equip items
- 20+ Upgrades for players (Classes Level, Job Level more much) all on tabs
- Many houses, businesses, guilds houses (don't worry enough for everyone), not found visit the Manager he will tell you where to find at home
- Decorate houses, craft decorations sell them, decorate your houses, increase their levels
- Improve Guild houses, and in businesses earn your money and promote them, but don't forget to keep an eye on the warehouse
- Crafting sell items for players that can not yet afford to experience it
- Personalize your personal discord card, because at the entrance you will show everyone in the group what level you are
- Lots of quests, learning and conventional
- Learn new places, and open to easy movement
- Create a Guild, improve it, create ranks customize their access, level up your Guild
- More more much

What I wanted to achieve I made it easy to maintain
Everything works dynamically, even statistics and improvements do not need to be added for a long time, it is enough to add its name
Including bots and everything
So maintenance and development will be easy in the future
So long, i have to do the maps yourself and support everything else sorry

Now are i working on fixes and simplification of the gamemode, for example as automatic equipment items, and replacement of elements on buttons
- Soon open beta, need to check much content server

Some houses have their own modified plants, their own Jacuzzi
Because of the maps, beta is postponed indefinitely

I add discord, a group for a reason, if someone is interested in the project and who wants to invest their ideas and suggestions in its development
Discord Group


Re: [MOD][0.6] Reload Azataz (MMOTEE)

update added github link