Topic: Helping out with translations for 0.7.1

Hello tees,

The strings for translation were ported to Transifex. Anyone can now help out get their language translated in the next Teeworlds version.
The process to contribute on Transifex is described here and should be fairly straightforward.

We already have Russian, Ukranian and Portuguese (Brazil) done. Completed translations can also use some reviewing and improvements.
If you have trouble with any string, you can open an issue directly on Transifex or leave a comment here.

Thank you in advance for your translations, we appreciate your contribution.

Not Luck, Just Magic.


Re: Helping out with translations for 0.7.1

Testing translations

Translations are located in your Teeworlds folder in data/languages, as JSON files. In order to test your new Transifex translation, you need to:

  • Add/replace your <language>.json file (e.g. german.json)

  • If your language did not exist: edit index.json to add an entry for your language

This can help you with the context of some strings.
Please try different resolutions to make sure your strings fit well and don't get truncated.

Exporting Transifex translations to a JSON file

Exporting Transifex translations can be a bit technical. If you are running in difficulties, you can simply request it here and we will generate it for you.

Otherwise, here is the procedure:

1) Download your strings from Transifex
You will receive a .po file.

2) Download and install Python3, and the polib module

3) Download this python script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/teewo … rt_l10n.py

4) Run the script on the .po file:

reconvert_l10n.py <language>.po

This will yield you the JSON file you're looking for, to be put in <teeworlds folder>/data/languages.

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Re: Helping out with translations for 0.7.1

Translations added in trunk so far:

  • Bulgarian

  • Portuguese

  • Portuguese, Brazilian

  • Russian

  • Ukranian

  • Gaelic Scottish (new!)

Not Luck, Just Magic.