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Don't you think there is a problem with the vote system ? How does it work exactly ?
I'm bored being banned for nothing and blockers being not banned after 15 vote sessions...
I'd like to figure out how this fucking system works because I really don't understand it ! hmm
And I think people abuse voting. Someone misunderstands what you are doing or just is an idiot, he votes against you and you're banned while you were finishing a fucking DDrace map that took you two hours.. Voting should really be less easy (I think). What do you think ? Why sometimes two bastards vote against you and you're immediately banned and why sometimes a blocker is voted against by just everyone and vote fails.. ? WTF. I didn't get something..

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Re: Vote system : ????

Banger wrote:

Don't you think there is a problem with the vote system ? How does it work exactly ?

>50% of players vote yes = kick.
If votekicks happen for no reason, I'd argue that the problem is with the players on the server, not with the system.

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Re: Vote system : ????

I believe the ddrace mod also has a few options regarding vote kick, like setting the percentage needed for successful vote. But in vanilla this is always 50% and that is also the default in ddrace I think.

Also there are lots and lots of servers, so when you get kicked even though you did nothing wrong, just go join a different one.

And seeing how your problem seems to be losing progress because you get kicked during a race, well that is just a problem of the mod you're playing, so you should go join their forum which is located at ddnet.tw I believe. I can already tell you that not much can be done about this though. It is just how voting works (in general).

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