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Topic: [MAP] infc_drum

InfClass version: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=047 … 2711683856
Vanilla version: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=041 … 7141064903

This map was created for the InfClass mode here: https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=11610


Its tall and thin, Zombies spawn at the top, Humans below them.
If you are at the top you can reach any part of the map fast. This makes it so Zombies dont need much time to reach you when they know where you are. I put alot of thought in the design of the map and tried to add many different places where Humans can defend well against zombies. But at the same time i tried to avoid to create places where you can just camp forever. I hope this map encourages people to not just sit at one place but change places as time goes by. Doublejump gives you a big advantage. I only used standard textures so its super fast to download

Feel free to edit/share/host/ or do whatever you want with this map smile

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Re: [MAP] infc_drum

Its a way too big in my opinion!
And there are no camp-areas, so its useless for the most infection-mods

I will be banned if I troll again ...

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Re: [MAP] infc_drum

@Deepfinder read what i wrote above pls

Deepfinder wrote:

its useless for the most infection-mod

I made it for InfClass, idk if it works for other mods

Deepfinder wrote:

Its a way too big in my opinion!

It is big, yes, but like i wrote above zombies can reach every part of the map fast. Its because falling down is fast.

Deepfinder wrote:

And there are no camp-areas

You can camp, there are many places but its hard to camp alone, with a team its easier

This map is different than other infection maps, its true, and i am not 100% sure if it works. But i am sure its worth a try.


Re: [MAP] infc_drum

I understand your argument about the top-to-bottom layout for InfClass maps. However, you should take into account some design element:

  • If there is more than two wide ways to go from a point A to a point B, players will never try to protect the point B.

  • Players will always try to stay near camp area, or area that are far to the infected area.

  • Big map are often boring because you have to chase remaining ninjas and mercenaries

Your map can be tested, but there is a lot of things to adjust. I also precise that I will not upload it in officials servers because I want maps with specific graphics on it (like damascus, eid al-fitr and bamboo).


Re: [MAP] infc_drum

i played so many games on damascus, eid al-fitr and bamboo. Its getting boring tongue

People who play teeworlds dont play it because of the graphics.
Many play it because its free, and you can play it even with a very bad inet connection

But i do agree with this: you have to chase remaining ninjas and mercenaries
This might be a major problem.

I am happy if you test it, if you do, pls do with as much players as you can, to get good results smile


Re: [MAP] infc_drum

The map is now tested on the Official InfClass Map Testing server. I've added flag positions for the hero and solid tiles around the map to make sure that the scientist will not go out of the map.


Re: [MAP] infc_drum

Thanks big_smile