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Topic: [Map] InsomniaFNG


Going along with the formation of the FNG Mapping Community, I finally motivated myself to make a half-decent attempt at making an OpenFNG map. You should be able to find it hosted on both servers. And I'll admit. I kinda like it.

--Deleted unused tilesets/quads (5/19/2015)
--Fixed Mountains (5/19/2015)
--Appended snow, thank you ctf2 (5/19/2015)
--Repositioned Mountains (5/20/2015)
--Added spike pocket things (5/20/2015)
--Added background and shadows to spike pocket things (5/20/2015)
--Fixed more shadows (5/21/2015)




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Re: [Map] InsomniaFNG

Really nice map ! big_smile

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Re: [Map] InsomniaFNG

Thank you! (also updated map)

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Re: [Map] InsomniaFNG

Quick glance notes (remember that I haven't actually tried the map yet, so these may or may not be relevant):
- There's some 1 tile width teamshrine pits in the floor which can be camped.
- The form of the map suggests that play will either be cramped into very tiny spaces in the middle or shifted off to the side, kinda like openfng3. But since I haven't played, I don't know how fighting through the spikewall works out.
- Not all players like secret passages.

I've got two FNG maps which are close to ready for public release, hopefully they'll be on the forums soon! Aforementioned maps are on the back burner. Still doing mapping, but have higher priority map projects.
It should never take 45 seconds to download a map for anyone with a decent connection.

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Re: [Map] InsomniaFNG

First of all, thanks for the honest criticism.

The 1 tile width team shrines are mostly covered in unhookable tiles, so it would be quite difficult to camp in.

It's true that the game play is shifted off to the side with a small amount of players, but it seems to even out itself with a larger group. I hope you like the spike wall smile

There are no secret passages (I'm not a fan either). The spike pocket things are simply for aesthetic appeal.

You can try out the map in the FNG Mapping Community servers.

FNG Mapping Community (USA):
You can find it in the votes, near the bottom.
I am not sure if it is currently on the euro server, I'll have to check.

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