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Topic: FNG Mapping Community

Sorry, the FNG Mapping Community servers are currently down (as of 2015-07-22)


Why is this a separate thread from this one right here? The main reason is to unify all of the separate, discreet posts and information into a single thread. It also serves as a place for all map requests, hosting requests, and author scavenging. And yes, the old thread will be closed.

What is the FNG Mapping Community?

This quote from the the previous topic seems sum up everything perfectly:

Dr.Dre wrote:

As a FNG player I usually play openfng5(-Beat) and it seems like the only map hosted by most FNG servers.
There are servers with other maps, but nobody plays on them.
A couple of friends and I came up with a solution. We wanted to host a server with all the FNG maps and give people the opportunity to play the maps they want as well as to discover new maps on a full server.
We came with this idea in this forum thread: https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtop … 60#p113660

Visit this website for more information!

All files can be found in this dropbox link:
>>Dropbox Folder<<

--FNGmaps (directory)

Currently Active Servers
FNG Mapping Community (EU): (Closed)
FNG Mapping Community (USA): (Closed)

Want to host a server for us?
Personal message me, TheDerero, or Dr. Dre.

How can I have my maps hosted on these servers?

Please post your request here in this thread. Follow the guidelines closely.

1) Provide a direct link to the original thread that that you shared your map in.


1) Create a new post here.
2) Please include your map name exactly the same as the name of the actual map file.
3) If you do not specifically state otherwise, we will credit you with your forum nickname.
4) Provide at least one screenshot of your map. If you want, you can also provide a video.
5) Add a stable download link to your map (Mediafire seems to be most commonly used). If you have several maps, please compress them into a single archive (.zip, .tar.gz, etc.)

*Note: These maps do not necessarily have to be yours! If a map happens to strike your fancy and if it isn't already hosted on our servers, let us know!

New maps along with their screenshot and link will be posted at the top of the wordpress site. They will also be added to the News section of both this thread and the wordpress page.

Help us find the authors!

Because I am unable to keep track of the authors of many of the maps we have scavenged, we have provided a table of maps with their corresponding authors. Please take a look at it to see if you recognize the authors of any of these maps. Thank you!

Authorless Maps (on Google Docs, courtesy of TheDerero)


-factory_fng and hardcore_fng (both by Dr. Dre) updated (5/19/2015)
-New map InsomniaFNG by Oblique. added (5/19/2015)
-fng_death by holymadtee updated, fixed score display (5/20/2015)
-fng_hooters by holymadtee updated, fixed resolution issues (5/20/2015)
-updated InsomniaFNG by Oblique. (5/20/2015)
-added iNoVation by iNoVation (5/26/2015)
-fng_tetris2 and Tropcial_ship by Inlakech (7/15/2015)

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Re: FNG Mapping Community

Is there a list of maps together with their links?

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Re: FNG Mapping Community

Yes, we do have a list of maps with their download links. I know that 49 of these maps are from Alpha B and about another 30 came from Dr. Dre. I'm not exactly sure where they got all those maps from...

All files can be found in this dropbox folder:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a94balmxvab5 … f3bta?dl=0

--Index of Maps.xlsx
--Index of Maps.ods

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