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Topic: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

UPDATE (5 years later, haha)
I'm doing a bit of work on a 0.6 port of this, maybe. Maybe, maybe. See here: https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtop … 69#p114869


by Filmstars and CaptainFletcher!

Hey guys! This is what all of you have been waiting for! (I'm sure)

As the title says, this is a modification for Teeworlds aimed at improving TDM gameplay! Anyone who ever got into TDM in another game (Quake for example) knows that what TDM is all about is timing powerups as a team - something Teeworlds was lacking until now, since the only powerup (the Ninja) was so weak it wasn't worth fighting for. So what we wanted to do first of all was adding strong powerups. While we were at it, we also added three new weapons, two of which you might know from other games, while the third one is also kinda like a powerup in its strength. Then, there is overfilling like in every other FPS, Yellow Armor, Red Armor and Megahealth. As additional mapfeatures we added jumppads and teleporters.
What we got, in the end, is something that seems like a very much improved gameplay experience in every aspect and might probably be also benefittable for CTF and Duels, but we don't offer a ctf-variant because shit's throwing error messages and we aren't keen on balancing everything out for this gametype anyways.
Now on to a more detailed list of our changes!

New gametypes: ctdm (competitive team deathmatch) and xffa (to differ from an eventual cduel gametype)! You have to enable one of those to enable any of the new features.


The Shaft!!
Continuing the Quake series' legacy in Teeworlds, as weapon number six in game we present you the Shaft. Currently it deals one damage every 45ms with an ammocount of 120 max. Due to the nature battles are fought in Tw, this weapon, not allowing you to adjust your hook without losing firetime, might be at a disadvantage, so it was granted a great deal of theoretical dps.

The Spin Gun
The Spin Gun always hits in a determined distance from the user. It deals a maximum of 14 damage, obviously lowering with a characters distance from the point of impact. Every hit cancels hook and knocks back disproportionately strong. Five ammo maximum, 1000ms cooldown. At the moment, this gun is still on the normal weapon respawntimer - we'll see how this turns out.

The "Bio Rifle"
Though called the Bio Rifle, this weapon is more like Quake's Plasma Gun, in that it flies straight, shoots fast, and has a slight knockback. When it hits ground, though, it will stick for a certain amount of time and deal damage when approached. Currently 30 ammo max, 2 damage (splash) per projectile, 140ms cooldown.


Golden Hook / Hookdamage
This is our take on the concept of "Quad Damage". Of course you could always just make a powerup that amplifies dealt damage, but with the special nature of Tw, this seemed to be more fitting. Currently, it will deal 3 * 5 damage over the course of one hooking period and also allow you to hook unhookable tiles. Hopefully, this will prove strong enough, so we won't have to resort to unoriginal powerups in order to make TDM interesting. Respawn is 90sec, duration 30.

The Powersuit
Owner takes no splashdamage and can't be hooked. Knockback is still in effect though (aside from the Spin Gun's) so you can grenadejump around the map freely! Respawn is rather frequent atm, we'll see how it turns out.

Megahealth: Restores ten health and is currently the only possibility to overfill your health. 35sec respawn.
Red Armor / Yellow Armor: Restores ten / five armor. Armor can be overfilled with everything.

Because you can now overfill, weapon damage of the standard weapons was adjusted and you spawn with an additional five armour:
Laser deals eight damage, up from five.
Shotgun shoots two additional pellets.
Players now deal 75% damage to self, up from 50%.

Also, Ninja spawns more often now, making it more a part of the normal game.

We currently have included four maps that were done specifically for this modification in the download, called ctdm1, ctdm2, ctdm3 and ctdm4. As four maps are not much, we would be glad to add many more; so fire up your editors! For now, we won't run a competition or something like that, but we intend to integrate any good maps that will eventually spring up into the "official" mappack. Entities.png: http://www.abload.de/img/entitiesv5ep.png (RACE Tiles aren't used except teleporters)

(Please notice: We'll probably have to update quite a bit in the following weeks, so please check out this thread regularly to make sure you run only the latest stuff!)
Instructions: Unrar data.rar into your Teeworlds directory, put the client executable next to your original executable and start it.

Standalone Client Executable: Win32, Mac, Linux (pending)
Client merged with Teepack: Win32, Mac (pending), Linux (pending)
Server: Win32, Mac, Linux (pending)
Sourcecode: Check out our svn-repository at sourceforge.

Where to play
For starters, we'll immediately be hosting a deathmatch server by ourselves, so you can try out everything. IP is; you can also of course just enter xffa/ctdm into the search box and find it that way.

Magnus Auvinen for the original Teeworlds source of course!

"Sushi Tee" for Teeworlds Pack:

Sushi Tee wrote:

Teecomp by spl0k official thread
Race client by Redix official thread
tmprec by torch official thread
Hud-Mod by Sushi <---thats me xD official thread
Beep-Mod by Sushi <---thats me, too ^^ official thread (only german)
Laser Color by Bobynator official thread
DownloadExtension by KillaBilla: official thread

(Especially Redix, because we also took the code for teleports of out RACE-mod.)

"Jon" for Cyberpunk Tileset
"0³7" for Old City Tileset
"Zatline" for r3t4.png
"Unrealshade" for "power jump" pictures

Sound attribution (all downloaded via freesound.org):
Biorifle and Suit-Pickup: "cfork"
Shaft: "Glaneur"
Spin Gun: "thanvannispen"
Gold-Pickup: "Robinhood76"
Gold-Grab: "Benboncan" (not really noticable atm)

id Software for QUAKE
GT Interactive for Unreal Tournament '99


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

Awwwsome smile
its very nice ideas smile

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

are there any servers, i don't find anyone...or give me an example for autoexec, so i can host one smile

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

it don't work on teeworlds version 0.5.2

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

@Elo: As stated in the OP, we have server running, just search for the gametype.
Anyways, this would do as an autoexec (replace X):

sv_name X
sv_map ctdm1
sv_scorelimit 0
sv_timelimit 10
sv_gametype xffa
sv_rcon_password X
sv_motd X
sv_max_clients 12
sv_spectator_slots 6
sv_maprotation ctdm1 ctdm2 ctdm3 ctdm4
sv_teleport 1
sv_register 0
sv_spamprotection 0
sv_teambalance_time 0

@spelbreker: What are you talking about? Have you downloaded the data and the client?


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

Pretty good ideas, though I think it would be best that this confing can also work with other confings so you don't have to chose. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm just sayin'.

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

ideas are great, but the graphics really suck :-/

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

Oh Landil, apart from that I think quite good of them (and I'm more or less allowed to, since it wasn't me who created them), why don't you make your own egame.png? ;) Wold certainly be an honor to have graphics done by Landil himself!


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

hm...in the ctdm2 map i only see colored boxes...i think you have forgotten to embedd the tiles you used for the map...

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

This sounds freaking awesomee!
where can you test?

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uh.... what? azon?! big_smile

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

DøñE wrote:

hm...in the ctdm2 map i only see colored boxes...i think you have forgotten to embedd the tiles you used for the map...

Tileset is old_city_main.png and should be in data.rar.


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

a' wrote:

Oh Landil, apart from that I think quite good of them (and I'm more or less allowed to, since it wasn't me who created them), why don't you make your own egame.png? wink Wold certainly be an honor to have graphics done by Landil himself!

I cant say they are bad: they are just.... not very clean and teeish enough. I think if they could be fixed, or redone, this could turn out great.
btw. where do you find this egame tile?

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

CaptainFletcher designed it.


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

can you send me this source? than i can compile this for linux

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

maybe crises is interested in doing some graphics for this project. I could do some tweaks afterwards, but there's enuf to do at present for the other projects :-/

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

plz upload it on letitbit

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

links not work, re upload please


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

update links
hay a'
i want to tell you a mod idea i had got and my second idea was taht you make this mod xD
pls answer ...


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

I want version for windows sad

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

Download the source code from the SVN repository and compile it yourself. Data is also on the SVN.

Also, you four revived a thread from February with nothing else to say than "reupload". Wasn't the first person bumping this, ZeSaM enough? Atleast I understanded his message, why did you others just repeat him?

If anybody wants Linux binaries, contact me and I'll compile and upload one to this thread. DON'T ask for it on this thread, contact me personally. If you don't know how then forget it or figure out.

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

i compiled with a succesful build only TPK-intgr/  version....
but special hook powerup not have graphic when pickup

i tried too with the trunk version, but failure... error to open bam.lua

for tpk-intgr version i used bam 0.2.0, and all go very well
for trunk version i used bam 0.4.0, but nothig go right

i tried another way, i compliled trunk version with bam 0.2.0 and it works good,
but in game server crash when use The Shaft weapon and more graphic aren't correct

how must i compile well trunk version?


Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

pls help i can't download every thing



Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

me to ;(
pls re upload it...

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

lol, i maked the patch of this mod from original 0.5.2 source. I did it just to train the patch program, but can still be useful to someone, uploaded on solidfiles

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Re: [MOD] Competitive Team Deathmatch

All Links are broken !


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