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Try to host them here

Before you come to any conclusion - try walking in my shoes - You'll keep stuble in my footsteps...


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I like them! 9/10 smile

-1 for copy pasting sad


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Hihihihihihi ! big_smile The "Rasta tee from other dimention" Is so funny!! big_smile By the way.. Its DarkMarta's skin? O.o Or im mistaken? Well, anyway its very cute.
Spitfire, I see you dont like ZeSaM sad.. Its ok if you copy&paste, Only If:
1) You give credits,
2) It doesnt look blurry and pixely,
3) Its not rude. ^^


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ololo)! DarkMarta is my friend)


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Hihihihihiii! ^^ She has a topic of arts here to! ^^ (Sorry for offtopic sad)


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My Idea Reborn!!!!
one new Art


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uh you used my royal tee big_smile the eyes are a bit freaky, but nice copied tongue

I'm from AUSTRIA = bad english sad

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile hmm big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

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Hihiiiiiiiiiiiii big_smile big_smile Very nice idea big_smile big_smile

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White ninja!!!!


Merged double post. // ~{MS}~ Azon


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woah. did you draw the gun in the "customize me tee" yourself? if so, make a gameskin!!


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no. Its not my skin


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ZeSaM wrote:

no. Its not my skin

Everything looks pretty good.

I do have a question about your Customize me image. If the gun in it isn't yours, why did you put it on there, and say at the beginning of the post "My Idea..."? wink

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he said "My Idea..." and not "Everything drawn by myself" tongue


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I like ZeSaM's works very much smile Even if he copy and paste, he does it clear, with no pixelys and dirt! Very nice works, ZeSaM -^^-


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It is never good copy.
If you can not do it selves  then let it.

Sry for my bad english,i come from germany.


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I dont agree... And I think its bad to say "Its never good.." If he does it good. smile

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first - I dont work with VECTOR GRAPH EDITORS (like Inkskape, A.Ilustrator) - that's why I use "Copy&Paste" Method
second - "My Idea" - I mean that all my works are from my imagination (Rasta-tee Dark-Marta works ^^)
and last - you can always tell me your ideas and I will make it real^^


NEW EDITED SKIN BY ME !!!!!!!!!!!!

thx ida^^


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ZeSaM, i dont really care but.. People dont like when you double post >,< I really dont know why O.o
Please use "edit" ^^ And about the works - they are so very nice ^^ Like all your works actually ^^
The Rasta-Tee by DarkMarta in your work looks very nice and funny too ^^ And the skin is very nice!
The artwork is a little wrong at the censole part... The "Inside" of the censole is not like the one you made o.O
But its still nice ^^