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Topic: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Post your websites about the game in this thread. The post will then be removed when the website is added, or if it has been rejected. If rejected, please do not send it again.

Official websites
- Teeworlds homepage
- Teeworlds Forum
- Teeworlds development on GitHub
- Teeworlds Mailing List for development patches

Community projects
- Teeworlds Server hosting
- TeePlanet
- Teevision - Server Hosting

- Datenbank (deprecated)
- Teetown Database

Tournaments and leagues
- MonkeyStyle 4v4 iCTF Tournament

Fan sites

Czech fan sites
- Teeworlds.cz (unmaintained, going out of business)

English fan sites
- Landil's blog on graphical work
- Crises' blog with graphical work
- C-Dawg's blog with graphical work

French fan sites
- Teeworlds.fr (Mirror: Teewords.net)
- Teeworlds.info

German fan sites
- Teeworlds-Friends.de
- Teeworlds-Community.de
- Teewars.de.tl

Hungarian fan sites
- teeworlds hungary

Polish fan sites
- teeworlds.com.pl

Spanish fan sites
- Teeworlds.es

Russian fan sites
- Teewar.ru
- Teeworlds.su

- #teeworlds @ Quakenet (Official)
- #teeworlds-dev @ Quakenet (Official Developement)
- #teetv @ Quakenet (Broadcasting & Competitions)
- #teenews @ Quakenet (Teenews)

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

my German Teeworlds site


the site is in Work !!!




Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Those websites are currently unavailable, please send them in again when they are functional.


Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Actualy, the teeworlds.info's server is down.
We need to format it, but we can't acces to it for now.
It will be formated soon, but we don't very know when.



Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Welcome to my russian web site! We have 2 servers, chat, forum and more! We will organize some competitions soon=)
teerussian.se-ua.net if you would to help us you can use our banner which you can find at this site!=)

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites


was finished please write it to german fan sites

THX for write !!!


Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

I started to blog about teeworlds at landil.posterous.com. It's mainly a blog for those who are interested in various teeworlds graphics and who wanna know what I am currently working on.

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites


To German Fan sites

pls delete Tee-Portal.info.ms and write http://www.tee-spezial.de.tt/ in because i have changed it Tee-Portal is my site and i thing it can delete

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Can you add TeeVee (www.tv.tee-league.de) to your list, please?

Visit tee-league.de and tv.tee-league.de!

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

webstar95 wrote:

write teeworlds.it to italian pages
write teeworlds.net to french pages

Teeworlds.it, already bought by me, built up the site 6 month ago, a completely fail. Not so much italians active. I will build it up again (all ready) when italian community grow.

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

webstar95 wrote:

search you partners? i have a German Site wink we can help you to search italian teeworlder

I know all the italian community, i was the leader of the only Italian clan now called N3G.
Major italians are Big, Prozac, Sonix, Me, AlExXx, Kiei, Ciacciu, Goliardi. Others play, yes, but we are all.

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

webstar95 wrote:

write teeworlds.it to italian pages
write teeworlds.net to french pages

Teeworlds.net is a "copy" of teeworlds.fr

You can see, it's almost same...

Am I right?



Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Mouny, it looks like you're right ;]

And, for those, who make a teeworlds website, don't forget the legal notice, it can be expensive without it ;D

Visit tee-league.de and tv.tee-league.de!


Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

uh, what legal notice? big_smile

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

The site, with your adress and so on ;D

Visit tee-league.de and tv.tee-league.de!


Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

English fan sites
- A Teeworlds news site covering many interesting Teeworlds-related subjects
is down

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Thanks for adding: Teeworlds Mac Mod Center ^_^


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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Following pages not more up to date (pls remove):
- Teeinfo.de
- Teewars.de.tl
- Tee-spezial.de.tt

this site is bad Teewelt.tk yikes
and Teeworlds-Arena.de nearly down...


Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

NoxNebula wrote:

and Teeworlds-Arena.de nearly down...

Sorry, but Teeworlds-Arena.de is still the most active german forum.
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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

Let's not get into a popularity contest in here about which site is the most active. As long as a website is online available and it's content is related to Teeworlds it can be listed here. Even if sites are no longer up to date it's still possible that they are a useful source of information or downloads. For that reason "being outdated" can never be a ground to delete a website.

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

TeeWorlds.cz is temporairly down due to hosting problems. We have changed it but there are some problems with the database. I hope we will back soon, I think on Monday it will fine smile Thank you all for understand.
EDIT: It is back up wink

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

azon, please add my teeworlds related gallery and crises' Sketchbook to the english fansites.

too bad, ive got a low attention span big_smile

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

pls rename teewar tournament to teewar League Gaming and rename the link into http://liga.teewar.de/

and add teewar.de to german fansites


Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

My Posterous website has stuff related to Teeworlds so you can add that if you want: www.icedrake.posterous.com

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Re: [INFO] Teeworlds websites

teetv is down
masterteecup is down
teenews is teeplanet -> new link news.teesites.net
teespecial is down

pls add teeworlds.pl -> polish fans sites (http://teeworlds.pl)
pls ad Teeworlds gemeinde -> German Fansites (http://teeworlds-gemeinde.de)

thanks ( they are not my websites but i like them smile )