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Re: [MOD] Teeworlds Z-Team Pack beta

Zeratul wrote:

on the one hand its really babyish, kaddy. You try to discuss but you dont know really what you are saying?

I know what i said smile Simply i want to see detailed and described rules, not these two small frazes.

Zeratul wrote:

When i take a look into the timeline the only developer are oy, rajh, lordskelethom and matricks? :-/

Also Somerunce, Void, Datag, Red Com, Serp, Teetow, Chilly smile Maybe anybody else, but i don't know more smile Matricks, Oy, LordSkeleton, Somerunce, Red Com, Serp, Datag, Chilly and Teetow make 99% of job. If you check Rajh job, you'll see only one patch: http://teeworlds.com/trac/teeworlds/sea … mp;wiki=on smile

Lartza wrote:

SO, why can't you just remove autorejoin and release the client again?

First, it's principal smile And second, i'm developing now four version of pack and it will be released 31 december or 1 january. smile


Re: [MOD] Teeworlds Z-Team Pack beta

Also Somerunce, Void, Datag, Red Com, Serp, Teetow, Chilly  Maybe anybody else, but i don't know more

yes many months ago....
i think the only ones who should be called "DEVELOPER" should be OY and MATRICKS.
But its not the right thread to discuss it i guess wink

but i think the rules for mods should be clear:
no changes that gives you an advantage against other players
no non-needed changes that uses server resources


Re: [MOD] Teeworlds Z-Team Pack beta

kaddy wrote:

Who will decide what is useless resource consumption, automated input or non-gameplay-related features?

What is not in the official client in terms of *network* resources usage and what is not automated in the official client determine the boundaries.

kaddy wrote:

Okay, easily:
1. Extended stat board and shadows under nameplates can be called "useless resource consumption"
2. Auto demo record and screenshots can be called "automated input for stuff that is not automatic in the official client"
3. HUD colors matching Tees' ones can be called "non-gameplay-related feature that is not provided by the official client"
I don't want to say "ban this too!" (i don't really think that it's "cheating"), i want to say "all is relative". One feature will be useless, abusing or cheating for one, but will be non-cheating and useful for another one.

How can you expect me not to take you as a troll if you don't see the obvious different between local resource usage and inappropriate resource usage on resources lent by third parties to teeworlds players? I already told you this. Since you logged our conversation on IRC I'm sure you can dig it there again.

To make it clear since you seem to have trouble understanding me: Resources not to abuse are master servers (provided by matricks) and game servers (provided by myriads of server admins who want to provide lag-free game sessions and not spend bandwidth on automated and useless client input).

I'm closing here since it's going nowhere, but you said:

kaddy wrote:

I'll continue discussion only when you write detailed rules or unban mods. That's all.

That's fine with me, the conversation is over. If this http://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopi … 747#p56747 isn't explicit enough nothing will ever be.