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Topic: [MODS] Mods From TeeworldsFun Clan!

Hello guys! Here is some cool mods made by TwsFun Clan!

[MOD][0.6] UH|City-vL - Teeworlds City mod

Hello community!
I present you my new City-Mod base on uTown, called: UH|City-vL.
based in modification (Teeworlds -> uTown -> UH|City -> UH|City-vL)
Even if you think City is a gamytype for noobs, you should take a look on it due to the, well done and nice designed Shop (<- Players' opinion). The Shop consists of floating Entities which you can select with your mouse and hook to buy them.
There are 100, 200, 500 MoneyTiles (per second) to collect Money for the shop. And also 1000 MoneyTiles for Donor. This can be doubled with VIP (Shop).

Many other Features are waiting for you.

The Server is running 24/7 with a City Map Name: UHCity

Some Information about Server/ Mod:
Name: "Official UH|City-vL Server | Hosted by FFS :>"
GameType: UH|City-vL
Port: 8222
Other: Currently only 1 Server and only 1 Map.

Developers: TeeFun team!
Not Open-Source until this done, Keep wait big_smile
Type: City
Based on uTown
We're coding all the day and all the night to improve the City, if you want to see something special in this mod,
write it down.

To fund the Server and Website we're happy about Donations...
For a 10€ PSC you'll get a little "THANKS":
- Rank [*Donor*]
- /Home (Own House and your Spawnpoint)
- /Save, /Load (Position)
- /Tele (Teleport to Cursor)
- /Crown (Crown as Stylistic Feature)
- Money Tile for you (+1000$/Second)

If you want to be Police, contact TeeFlowerFell-Sans#9358

If you have any Questions, Suggestions, Comments or Something Else, write it on our discord guild!

If you wan't help Host UHCity-vL, Contact TeeFlowerFell-Sans#9358
We maybe give you Binary.

UH|City Source:

UH|City-vL Source:
Not public yet. big_smile

Official discord guild:

Official QQ Group (Using Chinese)

We need more developers!

We currently have 4 people working on development
'Puppet', 'StarOnTheSky', 'Anime-pdf', 'ST-Chara'
Welcome to join us!!!

We need someone paint and draw Entities!!

Contact Discord: TeeFlowerFell-Sans#9358 !!!


Teeworlds Infection mod, base on bInf
Made by SeekDream team.

Source: https://github.com/ErrorDreemurr/Teewor … ectionNFun

Q: What different from the original binfection?
A: Some features big_smile
    Added new class: Hero.
    Hero Skill: HeroAura, which can heal infections.
    Added tele tile.

Q: What will be added in the future?
A: More class, More Skill, More Interesting things..

More Question Ask 'FFS'

Discord: TeeFlowerFell-Sans#9358

Hello guys! I'm Creater of one of UHCity-vL! My GitHub Username: ST-Chara