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Topic: New maps in 0.7

We have introduced three new maps in the 0.7 version, and these are CTF8, DM3 and LMS1.
(Screenshots below)

Map: ctf8

A new fast paced CTF map, previously known as ctf_tantum and was featured in many tournaments from where it got an overall great feedback by most players. It offers a new solution for 4x4 format matches (previously played on ctf2 mostly) as it is a really offensive-oriented and fast map.
Gametype: CTF
Players: Ideal format 4x4, but 3x3 and 5x5 possible.
Author: Sonix

Map: dm3

A new and cool duel map, you may have seen it in the 1st Teeworlds Tournaments under the name dm_ancient. While many players have tested it during the tournaments it became a valid alternative to dm1, bringing more open space and grenade shows with it smile.
Gametype: DM/TDM
Players: 2 to 4, 1x1 is the ideal format.
Author: ghost
0.7 port: Sonix

Map: lms1

What other map should be the very first representative of the survival gametype than kukurice itself? smile Survival's symbol map got a nice graphic overhaul, some pickups adjusted, and now its ready to shine once more!
Gametype: LMS/LTS/DM/TDM
Players: 6 to 8, 3x3 is the ideal format.
Author: Daniel
0.7 port: Sonix

Other map changes

CTF5 and DM7 got a major gfx overhaul, thanks to Zatline, in order to make them cleaner and more appealing.

The rest of the maps got attention too! Many maps got tiny bug fixes and on most grass maps trees have grown exponentially! smile

I wanna say thanks to all the people who have contributed, the MWG team and the players from the vanilla high-level scene.


Re: New maps in 0.7

Map: ctf8


Map: dm3


Map: lms1