Topic: Vanille Cup - A 4on4 tournament


Hello forum wanderers, today I introduce to you the first tournament of a hopefully long list.
This is a great occasion to dive into vanilla teeworlds for players of other mods and a chance for more experienced players to prove their strength!

For a thorough explaination of the rules go HERE, below you'll find some important information.

•The tournament will be played on ctf_tantum
•You have to register your team on puch.me/VanilleCup to take part in the tournament
•A team must be composed by 4 tees plus an optional substitute player
•It will be held on march 26th at 3 PM UTC/GMT+1, but you must register your team by the 24th march to participate!

If you have questions you can contact us through this discord channel: https://discord.gg/4vUxAjj

We're looking forward to seeing you all enjoy the event!


Re: Vanille Cup - A 4on4 tournament

Again, Thank you for the tournament! Would be cool to see more events like this in the future


Re: Vanille Cup - A 4on4 tournament

Good games. Thx for the broadcast.

Hope to see more events in the future smile

Remember the 80s - good times smile