Topic: Teesites revival!


Teesites revival!

After teesites died long time ago it is back now and we are trying to bring its old glory back.
Teesites was a network for the best teeworlds community projects.
All projects were independent and developed by different people. Everyone is free in what and how they develop but teesites were connecting them all.
We hope that many great projects will join us again to revive the good old times.

We are supporting all kind of community projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mod, a community website or just a blog. As long as it’s supporting the teeworlds community in some way, we are more than happy if you join us.

The Team:

  • Fisico

  • SushiTee

Special thanks to Landil for the awesome logo.

Visit teesites.net for all the information you need.

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Re: Teesites revival!

It's great to have it back smile


Re: Teesites revival!

Nice work! I hope it will be enriched with many great teeworlds projects smile


Re: Teesites revival!

Wow wow, I was looking forward this day, but now I understood that I'm not ready yet neutral
I'll contact you via PM soon about Teewiki.
By the way, do you register all the websites of network in search engines automatically?
And is it possible to have something hosted on your servers except domain name?